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SWA class rumors

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Mar 23, 2002
One of my buddies is in the July 15 class and said that the word being put out at training is that SWA is not sure if they will have anymore classes this year.

I know that things in this industry change minute to minute, and I hope this is one that will change too.

I guess I will just keep drown-proofing! And remembering that I am lucking to be on a list.

In the pool, but

Looks like I might have to go find a real job instead of waiting it out. Oh well.

I'd bet one billllllllion doooollars that you'll be in Dallas by September.

Hang in there man!!!


I totally agree with Oak. Its the calm before the storm. Hang on man, its setting up to be a head spinning ride for the competition!!!
AUG 19TH...

Let us not forget that in 15 DAYS the SWAPA vote will be done on the contract extension.

The officers/management are "required":rolleyes: to do a good job for the shareholders of LUV (I am one of these too!).

Pressure from management in the form of bad news, bad economy, rising costs, increased competition (JBLU), misinformation, etc., etc., are all part of the game.

I could be 100% wrong about this.... but I would like to have some hope that I will be out of the pool before a hard freeze sets in.... swimming with an ice pick could be hazardous!!!!!

Happy to be tredding - Tredding
A friend of mine currently employed with SWA was flying w/a CP last week and he was told that there will most likely be 1 class in late August.

I like good rumors!
Thanks fellas (or gals)

Thanks for the pick me up. I think I'll be in class before October, too. It was just a bad post to read on a slow weekend with the inlaws in town. As the vast majority of ya'll know this Mr. Mom thing is great I'm just ready to get on with the rest of the ballgame, so to speak. Anyway, the family and I are packing up and heading to Panama City Beach for some R&R and its good to head out on a good note. Peace and love

pool info

I called at the end of last week for my monthly checkin. Same news of no classes planned just yet but things change. I asked about how many classes there will have to be for me to start. Answer 6-7 depending upon class size. I am # 60 something in the pool so we might have about 50% of the actual people in the pool. Just more info to pass the time.

more info and thoughts...

I stumbled across a SWA newsletter dated March 2002 that said there are currently 275 pilots in the pool...this is a published fact on a swa website. Let's say this was dated March 1 and we subtract 20 people per class from Mar 14, Mar 27, Apr 25 & Jul 15. That's 80 less people in the pool from March 1st. Now that figure is 195. Our latest unofficial list has 160 folks as of March 1st meaning we're off by 35 people for that date. Now, let's say that newsletter was taken on March 31st and we only subtract the classes of Apr 25 & Jul 15....40 less of 275 leaves 235 people in the pool on March 31. Our latest unofficial list has 192 poolies for this date leaving a difference of 43 folks. Either case, I believe the class predictions by southwest are very conservative and the actual number of classes before we go are lower than we're hearing.

Just my thoughts....I could be wrong.

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