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SWA Chief/Asst. Chief pilots making call

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hello fellow poolies and others..

Just got off the phone with a Michael Navarro..Michael is the Asst chief pilot at BWI for SWA..

Michael is making some of the offical job offers to the newly hired.
Super nice guy..

Anyway..He gave me the basic run down on how things worked for the first few days and answered a few questions..

He did state that this was a great time to get hired due to the large number of classes to follow..After each new hire class they will have a new placement bid..The more classes the more bids the faster you can bid back to the base you would like..

SO..For those of you having heard from JM in the last few days standbye..

Your phone is about to ring..

Congrats again. The story with your son is a great one. Mike is a great guy, flown with him, ex-AF FAIP. You're going to love it!!

It's official! :D

Got the call from Ed Downing, OAK assistant chief pilot [offering the Jan 31st class]. A package from Jennifer will follow.

I'd have a beer to celebrate, but I'm alone and I have to be at work in 58 minutes. :(

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Don't forget!!

Fella’s- I’m very happy for you, I’m sure that WN is the place to be. I can’t wait!!

But in your excitement please try to post your class dates so that that the rest of us still in the deep end can figure when to start reaching for a towel!

Thanks for the help- this board really helps with our planning. Most of us truly appreciate you help.


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