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swa called looking for updates...

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Just got off the phone with JB at SWA. Looks like they are starting to ask for updates to their paperwork. It sounds like it may be final background check material, we'll see. I asked her about upcoming classes but she's still hanging on to August at the earliest like we've all heard. I guess it's good they're starting the ball rolling again. Maybe they are getting ready to start classes soon...

Poolie since 10/01
Question for qxeplt

Noticed it has almost been a year since you interviewed...maybe they have a time limit on how old their background info can be....??? Wonder if they have to do anohter FAA or employer checks?
Hey Guys.

I did not get a call from JB but I did get all the update forms in the mail today.

It included the following:

Supplemental Employment Form
Air Carrier and other Records Request
FAA Records Request
NDR Records Request

The form for the Drug test was in their again also.

I am a November Poolie. I am curious if all the poolies got these update forms or maybe just the people relatively close to the ladder to get out of the pool.

Anyways... Hopefully we'll all get dried off soon!!

No letter, no forms. I wonder if that's any indication that classes are about to begin?

RJ (jetpltrich)
Got the same package from SWA today in the mail. Looks like they are sending these out to lots of us. Have been in the pool since November and am under stop loss.

Hope to see all of you in the cabana drinking cool-aid shortly.

3800+ hour tweet guy.......what did you say?

Got the background update form packet today
File Update


I received the same package in the mail yesterday. It's been almost one year since my interview. Fly safe :cool: .
I am a January interviewee and March poolee. No update package in the mail as of Tuesday. Still looks like good news for everyone, though!!!

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