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swa buying f9

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Please, Please, Please.
For the record, Morris air was acquired and their entire seniority list was stapled to the SWA list.

ATA ceased operation. After they closed their doors, SWA purchased some of their assets and gave their pilots a form of "preferential" interview. We all know how that worked out.

Neither of these cases are similar to F9.
It is very different.

ATA = didn't have capital to even enter Ch. 11 reorganziation. They filed Ch. 7 and ceased operations.

F9= obtained initial DIP and at least two exit financing proposals. Currently operating, with 8 months of profitable operations in a row. If neither exit financing proposals come to fruition, we will shut down.

Until then, the two situations are completely different. They both suck, but they are completely different.
You don't think F9 being bankrupt is similar to the ATA deaL? Wishful thinking I'm afraid.

Southwest never made a bid to buy ATA, they just purchased some gates and started a code share to HI and maybe a few other places. I think they are very different. Not saying this is all good and no worries for f9, I am wondering if swa's motivation is just the gates in DEN, but a different deal altogether than the ATA agreement.

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