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SWA Apr 25th Class

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Dec 1, 2001
Just got the official call from one of the chief pilots for the April 25th class. Good luck to everyone else still treading.

Anyone know how many are scheduled to be in the April 25th class? 20/26?

Hopefully nothing is coming from Flt Ops until they see the qt results...

I have a hard time believing no classes till fall, especially with all the people in the pool.
class date

Just got the call from the PHX Chief Pilot. Apr 25.
JM said there were alot of stop loss guys that are getting out.
I hope there are more classes soon for all those that are waiting.
Thanx to all on this board for great info. I will pass along any news I can.

Sounds like you guys just made it in time! Hopefully, 02-08 will be a better showing than 02-07! Hopefully, we can clear out all of the October poolies and some of November (I am still pulling for Rightbettor!) Hopefully, SWA will hold some summer school for those of us too slow to get our work done during the regular school year.
Bon Chance!

p3flyer, specnut, skypig,

Congrats on the calls. Hope to see more from our list included on that class date.

ATKTK & HERKDriver have you heard anything yet? We need to fill in your class date on the update.

Las777, SWADRVR2002, Jinxy, Slug, McC, KT, Coach, Eagletalon, Qxeplt & RJDRIVER we need to add your names, too.

Hang on all, we'll get there soon.....It'll be well worth the wait (just hope it won't be too long) I want to see this list get passed from poolie to poolie because we're all moving out!

I'm trying my durndest to make the phone ring but my brain powers must be low due to all the putt putt golf and collapse I've been playing.

This waiting again sucks.
April LUV!

Congrats to all of you and welcome to a great company! There is no other company I would rather work for and your all in for a treat! By the way, were deviously planning your welcome party so bring some asprin and well call the fire trucks.

See you guys soon and hopefully many more from Flightinfo! Send me a PM if you guys/gals have any questions about the start of training.

T45Flyer (now 737Flyer!)
Who else???

An update will be posted Friday and we only show 3 listed poolies in the 25-Apr-02 class date.

Anybody know if this class was scheduled to anyone else on the list?

How about anyone know of others that need to be added to the list?

And, how many are going to the class this time?

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