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SWA Application Question

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Question for those who know;

1) When applying to SWA do you have to wait to send in your apps till you have the 1000 Pic Requirement or can you get your apps in beforehand (lets say you have 100 hours to go).?

2) What is the process to update with them. For example is it a Pain in the A$$ type thing or is it fairly easy?

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure the put it in the circular file if you don't meet mins. No idea on the update process. I'm sure one of the poolies could help you.

Do you have any idea if I can count my captain OE time or my FAA observation ride as PIC. I don't think I can. I'm typed in the a/c, but the check airman signs for the a/c, not me. A Fed was riding on us the other day so I asked him. He said I wasn't PIC of the operation but that I wasn't acting as SIC. So was that a yes or a no? Typical.

Good Luck!
Pick up a good 3 day and there's your 20 hours or so. I didn't count mine until I had a real live FO on my right side who was junior to me and I signed the release. Your application can wait the extra 3 days it took to do IOE, so to be safe I wouldn't count it. Maybe you can legally, but I'd hate to have to explain that to the logbook reviewer during the interview if he doesn't agree with you. It will also cause you less stress and thus give you that much more confidence in the interview.
Just my 7.3 cents (the SWA 401k match!)
When I went through the process last Aug. I had some inside folks check on the PIC OE debate.. If you read SWA's def. of PIC time, you will find that it will include that time. I confirmed this with SWA.. Unfortunatley, it didn't help me because in the time it took me to figure out that it was O.K with them to do this, I had an additional 25hrs, so it was a wash.. They consider anytime you are typerated, and operating the controls of the aircraft to be PIC if I am not mistaken.

As far as sending something in with less than 1000 pic, I wouldn't do it. If you tell them you have less than 1000 they will trash your paperwork. If you show up for the interview, and the logbook checker dude looks at the dates and finds that you didn't have the 1000 when you told them you did, you will also go into the trash.. I think they are pretty intolerant about anyone they feel has padded their logbook..

just my 2 pennies... good luck!

You cannot count Captain's IOE as PIC. You can log PIC once your are signed off as Captain. On the other hand, F/O IOE can count towards your KNS and High Mins.
**Southwest Airlines defines "Pilot in Command" as the Pilot responsible for the operation and safety of the aircraft during flight. This definition is taken from PART I of the FAR. Southwest Airlines further allows logging of PIC as follows: For an aircraft requiring a type rating: If both pilots are type rated, the pilot in the left seat and sole manipulator of the controls may log PIC. If only one pilot is type rated only that pilot may log PIC, regardless of seat position. For aircraft not requiring a type rating: Only the pilot in the left seat and sole manipulator of the controls may long PIC. For military personnel, Southwest Airlines will allow flight time logged as "Pilot In Command" (PIC) only if you are the Captain/Aircraft Commander or Instructor Pilot. Primary time will only be considered PIC on a specific aircraft after an individual upgrades to Aircraft Commander in the appropriate aircraft. Time logged, as "Other Time" will not be considered. When converting taxi time a conversion factor of .3 or eighteen minutes, per leg/sortie should be used. These guidelines are imposed by Southwest Airlines for the purpose of standardizing the calculation of flight time.

Little Duece, This is from SWA's website, they do in fact allow you to log PIC during captain IOE.. Not only is it posted here, but I've checked into the situation and can confirm it.

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