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SWA and Currecy

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Dec 2, 2001
SWA and Currency

How does SWA view the currency of their pilot applicants. I am furloughed from another major airline where I was on the 727 panel. My last flight as a pilot was last April. I am going to get 737 type in March (no job offer, just hoping it will improve my chances of an interview) and would like to know if SWA has any recency of flight requirements. By looking at their requirements they don't state any time requirements but do state recency of flight would be considered. Just checking because I would like to know if my lack of flying over the past year would prohibit me from an interview before I drop $7000 on the type. I have 6200 hrs, 3000 of which is turbine PIC. Thanks

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I dont' know if this is true...

I heard from one source (who works for WN) that you must have flown in an operational environment (that is airline or military) for three out of the last five years. (3 of 5 years... you must have been flying airline/mil). I want to stress this info is not official. It's second-hand stuff from a buddy who works there. Take it for what it's worth. My guess... if you get the type rating in a few weeks and they interview you and you get hired, then they aren't too concerned about your currency since you completed the type rating within the last few months.



SWA board is looking for currency based upon flying within the last 5 years. As a generally rule of thumb they like to have as a minimum 200 hrs in the last 5 years, preferably with 2 of those 5 years with consistent flying. This may seem like a small amount of flying but this is a guideline I know they have used for military folks who often may have gone as much as 3 years without flying (a staff job) & didn't fly but maybe for 200 hrs over a 2 yr period prior to the 3 yr staff job. It sounds like in your case there won't be a problem. I don't know if they apply a different rule of thumb for civilian guys but I doubt it. The standards have appeared to apply to both civ & mil. Hope that helps. Thanks for applying also,


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