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Sunoco Corp flight dept

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This info is a little dated but, as of 12 months ago it was a good shop. Two BE300s and a DA50 if I remember. Department manager was good people,
good QOL, pay,etc. I know some people in the neighboring hangers at PHL..if you have something more specific in mind say so and I will make some calls.
As of 10 months ago they had a Falcon 900, a Falcon 20 and a KA300. They share a facility with GSK Pharm. and have some nice folks. Sorry, dont know a thing about pay or schedule, but the pilots I spoke with casually seemed pretty happy.
Good QOL

I have heard they get the schedule the week before. All business flying, no personal vacation trips, very little weekend flying.

I have considered hanging up my MD80 wings to work there, but my timing has always been off.

Good luck!
With as much profit oil companies are making on gas nowadays, it wouldn't suprise me if they had a couple of corperate A380's on order.

Good luck!! It would be nice to hear that someone benifited from the oil companies doing so well.
I met some of their pilots at MDW a few eeks ago. Great guys very nice. The Falcon 20 they have just got finished with 731s and ProLine avionics. A very sweet bird, and I am sure a hoot to fly.

We spent most of the time talking about the Falcon and what a pain the PHL ground controllers are.

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