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Sully's Comments re NWA Overflight

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Every good thing Sully has done for the profession has just been wiped out by two d*uche bags.

That might be a little harsher than what I would have said, but the sentiment was the same. I remember for the couple months following Sully's incident a positive change in the passengers sentiment toward us. "Thank you for getting us here safely", was not uncommon to be heard saying goodbye to deplaning passengers. Whether it was truly appreciated or not it was nice.

Following this incident, its been nothing but "Thanks for staying awake." or "Thanks for not flying past MSP", among other snarky remarks from passengers.

Whether we, as pilots, see this incident as a big deal or not has really become irrelevent. I personally believe that much of the press coverage has been blown way out of proportion. However, in the eyes of the flying public we've been knocked down yet another peg. The pilots involved in this incident have brought a black eye to the profession plain and simple.

The temporary lapse of this crew will burden our profession long after everyone has forgotten NWA 188.

I'm still waiting for "Sully" to say something nice about his First Officer who helped him splash land in the Hudson river.

He acts like he was a "SOLO" show that day.

How did he help?

He tried to get the engines started but forgot to push the APU bleed (for a starter assisted re-start) and never pressed the ditching pushbutton (to try to keep the plane from sinking).
I'm not on the Bus anymore ;) I currently get into my "heated discussions" on the DC-9 :pimp:

You must be really good at multi-tasks.....from what I remember of the DC9 there, compared to the Airbus, it'd be hard to have any heated discussions when you're up to your elbows in charts and duct tape :)

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