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Stop Loss Rumors

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Active member
Dec 3, 2001
In the spirit of Christmas, I have heard a ton of stop loss rumors. People love to spread good cheer. I've heard everything from it will be over before the end of January to it will continue on through the summer. Though I won't believe anything until I see it in writing, I do enjoy hearing about the latest rumors. So if you have a "credible" rumor you'd like to through out there, this may be a fun place to see what others are hearing. Who knows, you may be right in the end.:)
T38 dude posted on the FedEx pool list he got a stop loss waiver.

I was also lucky--I had an ANG slot lined up prior to 9/11 and I got approved for a waiver as well.

If you want out, I urge you to apply. I think having a tie to a reserve or ANG component is the "ticket" to making it work. I had always planned on staying until 20 in the ANG since I have 14 in already, but the 9/11 events just drove home why it might be a good idea be part of such a unit.

Good luck.
I agree with AlbieF15. I think it helps to be going to the guard or reserves. I'm going to the reserves where I'll continue to fly the T-38 (part time basis). This probably helped me get my waiver approved. Probably didn't hurt that we are also overmanned right now in my squadron. My wing commander has said he will support any stop loss waivers as long as your replacement has arrived on station. Also heard a rumer that 85% of stop loss waivers have been approved. Certainely can't verify that one though. This may be for AETC only. I would think that if your in an operational squadron it may be more difficult to get out. Who knows though? Anyway, it probably doesn't hurt to try as long as your commander will support you. Best of luck!

T-38 Dude
Latest I had heard from prior assignments guy in my office:

Stop loss through Sep or Nov 02

Probable release of certain AFSCs (non-pilots) prior to the date
Heard today from the MPF folks that they're expecting a new policy message to be dropped 15 Jan. The rumor that MPF has gotten is that Stop Loss is going to end effective 1 Feb, with some sort of orderly flow over the next couple of months to keep all of us from flushing out at the same time.
This being rumor and me being cynical, I'm taking it all with a shaker of salt.

USMC KC-130 Stop Loss

USMC just launched their first stop loss message (I believe).....it only is affecting the KC-130 community....pilots and crew, effective 1 Feb 02. Anyone getting out voluntarily has to get it signed off by the first star in the chain......and if they deny your date, they can only keep you for 6 months after that.....so not too bad....yet, anyway.
I've always thought dwelling on these rumors are kind of like twisting a sharp stake in your eye, but after a while even that starts to look good compared to sitting around doing nothing.

I have heard something approaching all these rumors at one time or another. The latest one, though, is a bucketfull. An O5 friend has a friend in spec ops who was told stoploss for two years. Holy shnikees, batman!

As far as the waiver goes.......I'm currently in AETC so I was told I would have to get approval from my owning MAJCOM (AMC). I got my commander to call over there, and he was told that surely they could find something for me to do (command post, TALCE, street-sweeping,etc) instead of giving me a waiver. Lacking any GOOD reason to get out, other than a SWA training date hanging in the balance and an overmanned squadron, I don't think it's going to happen. Wish I'd gotten hired by a Guard/Reserve Unit before all this mess happened!
Stop Loss:

Now here's the retention tool the Air Force has been having wet dreams about. As long as we keep fighting this "war on terrorism", there will be no defining end in sight, and our personnel shortage is O' fishly' over!!! Hell, we NEVER have to let these guys out. Eligible for retirement? Not yet I'm afraid. Had other plans with limited opportunities to get started? Oh well. So much for that Active Duty Service Commitment, we'll tell you when we're good and ready to honor your contract. But you better dam# well have your paperwork in 6 months prior to when you think we might let you leave. No sir, I don't need any lubrication....I'm used to getting shafted hard and deep.

Regards :mad:

I'm having a rough week/month/year ok
stop loss waiver


I received a stop loss waiver back in early Dec. I'm also an AETC guy. The way I understand it is that the AETC/CC is the approval authority for your waiver (not AMC). They may be in the coordination loop, however. I kinda doubt AMC has that much say on the AETC/CC decision. Why? Seems to me ACC would have tried to keep me under the argument that I'm an F-15E asset (I could mop floors as well). If you have (or had) an approved DOS, I don't think they will try and PCS you to an AMC base. That's what I was told prior to my waiver being approved. If you don't have the retainability they won't move you (in theory). Thus, you will probably never be an AMC asset again. Therefore, the old AETC/CC has the hammer. As I've mentioned in prior posts, my particular wing cc has indicated that AETC was approving around 85% of waiver requests. The biggest factor for my wg/cc was whether my replacement had arrived on station. Plus with your unit being overmanned helps. So far at my base we're 3 for 3 in pilot waiver requests. I know two of us had reserve jobs. I don't think the other guy had one (he's on his way to Southwest soon).

Having rambled on forever here, I would say go for it. If they say no then your not any worse off than you are now, right? When I turned my waiver into the MPF, the personnel guy practically laughed in my face. He said no way this will get approved. Ah, sweet justice! Well, there's my 2 cents. Good luck and hang in there.

T-38 Dude
Just a quick update. Just read the AFPC homepage. 81% of all stop loss waivers approved for officers. Pretty good odds.

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