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Stop AEPS Spam, How?

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I have to admit, your grammar and spelling is much better than your previous posts.

What would you know about professionalism? You make deals with most MGT that the pilots cannot stand.

Exactly what deals do we make with management..

Our service is totally free to the companies. It has to be to fully encourage their participation in looking at our members. It has always been that way. Hard to make a better deal than free.

Thanks for your comment on my spelling and grammar. Like most here, I speed write and do not biother with corrections.
Notice Publisher hasn't said anything about the unsubsribe functions not working, as in THEY KNOW THEY DON'T WORK! If I were a business owner I would quite upset if someone accused me of this yet all Publisher can seem to do is dodge and deflect. As for your show we all know you're only putting it on for free until you get a large enough following to start charging for it, mark my words it will be a pay feature eventually. I also find it funny that when someone had a negative experience with AEPS Publishers response is to blame THEM, look a salesman is a salesman whether they are selling a "service" from AEPS or the Amazing Ab Cruncher on TV at 1:30 in the morning, the point is they are selling something.

First of all, earlier on this board, I made a suggestion as to stopping some of it.

The functions do work to a point. What is that point? There are multiple lists as everyone knows. Some are automatic depending on what you put in at registration. some you are placed in, and, some are created when people search the database.

Since things slowed down last summer, there are very few people left to handle the individual requests. If all you do is email us to take it off, probably is not going to happen. Many people do not know what list they are on and frankly it takes too much time for someone to track it down. We are sorry. That is the way it is.
We talk about this all the time and would like to find ways to reduce it. Tons of email is becoming a way of life and losing its effectiveness. Designing the auto features is also difficult as a system grows. I was not so much unsympathetic as someone who gets so much of it, I delete as much as I can through email filters and still have 100 a day. Painful but not life threatening.

On another subject..TV. Yes we intended to charge for it. To advertisers, not the members. You see ads on there and that is what they are for. The ultimate objective was to cut it off for non members and have it as a member feature only.

An hour ago, you could talk to John Erskine of Comair or Shaun Nicols from ACA on the air and ask them about employment there. We think that this is a plus for the members.
I am sure that the reason it is free for the companies is because anyone hired at such company must be a member of AEPS. A was once hired by an airline which required me to join AEPS prior to my starting ground school. Hmmmm....I was already hired so why did I need your service? That was a couple of years ago and I can't get rid of the emails.
Okay so basically your excuse is that the software is so darn complicated not even your own people understand it enough to fix it, and it's the members fault for not filling out the registration form properly. What kind of a way is this to run a business? The solution should be you FIX the software, FIX the form if it's confusing. Don't make excuses and blame the customers, it makes you sound like a car salesman. And you proved my point about the TV show, soon it will be a members only feature.

Lisa: Listen, I can take care of everything, all you have to do
is unshrink me.

Professor Frink: Unshrink you? Well that would require some
sort of a Rebigulator which is a concept so ridiculous
it makes me want to laugh out loud and chortle...

A flight Attendant job should not be sent to a pilot. If I have by PM a member number,, I can check that out.

ALL COMPANIES can use it for FREE. Not only ones that require membership.

As you can also see, we are set up so that the companies can post their own jobs and do searches themselves. That leads sometimes to multiple postings, errors of all kinds, emails sent to people who are not intended to get them. For the most part it works as designed.

Very few require membership but the Primary Users wanted AEPS to provide the software for their employment pages. In addition, they receive some additonal benefits. Free booth space at Airfairs is one example. Most found the Airfairs to be a tremendous tool. Yesterday, both Comair and ACA were indicating how important they thought the face to face airfair meetings were. For these services, they agree to hire mostly from the membership database/

One difference between Air Inc and AEPS is in what we charge for Airfairs and the relationship with companies. As most companies pay for booth space, they are there because they are hiring. At Air Inc, they can come for free and hence show up even when not hiring.

As to the TV show, why should we not have this for members? Any income that we get from advertisers keeps the service down at the low rates. Are we obligated to provide this to everyone? It is quite expensive.

As I pointed out elsewhere, of the membership, about 50% are pilots, 25% are maintenance, and the other 25% various other jobs. Of the total membership, about 20% are non US. The companies and people who support us wanted the ability to email and search at will and they have it.

We send out a bunch of information be email. It in fact is our only general means of communicating with the membership. It is also set up so that is the main way that companies using the system can communicate.

This leads to a bunch of email. That is good and bad. Does it mess up, yes. On the other hand, when we were sending out our furlough and hiring status list update notice to the entire email list, we got less than 10 requests for removal in two weeks.

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