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Stop AEPS Spam, How?

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Well-known member
Jan 15, 2002
Does anybody know how to stop the continous flow of spam coming from AEPS? A while back I made the mistake of actually signing up for this worthless "service" in respose to their tantalizing claims. I was only a real member for a month but now I can't stop the flow of email from them.

I can't sign on because my member number is not active, not that I could stop it that way anyway. I've turned them in to Spamcop. They are as bad as the self-serving crap I use to see out of FAPA and it is only cluttering up my mailbox.


You aren't kidding

I made the same mistake a few years ago, and that deluge of crap actually prompted me to cancel my membership, even though I had paid for the year.

I doubt they have a clue as to how annoying it is to come back from a four day trip, and find your mailbox clogged with all kinds of useless jobs that I am clearly not interested in- (as a 135 jet PIC who does not have a CFI ticket, why would I want to receive dozens of CFI ads each week?)

Do what I did- go to their website, and on the "contact us" part, they list all of the employees and their e-mail adresses. I sent all of them a copy of the same mesage- (basically a copy of the above paragraph), and I sent it over and over and over, until they stopped sending me that crap.

Good Luck
I went through the same thing, the unsubscribe functions do not work. I finally had to send an angry email to someone on the "contact us" page and the spam finally stopped. I haven't gotten anything from them in a while and I will never make the mistake of signing up with them again, if you absolutely must join get a web based email just for all their crap. After you get what you need you can shut down the account, or just let it overflow until it gets shut down, whatever you do don't give AEPS your "real" address.

did you try calling customer service and asking for Rene.

Most of this is automatic depending on what you put in there at the start.

There is also a control panel you can use if you are an active member but that only deals with certain things.

After investing as whole month in it, I am sure you really helped your chances. I would also be interested in what you call these fantastic claims that caused you to invest that $12.

I get on average between 50 and 60 unsolicited emails a day from people who I did nothing with. If it is that annoying to you, make the call.
Publisher still doesn't get it

The point we are trying to make here is that AEPS has alienated many of the potential customers it claims it serves.

The e-mail diarrhea is both senseless and annoying. Sending hundreds of messages to me about CFI positions or A&P positions when I do not hold a CFI or A&P cert simply shows that your database is not being used efficiently.

When someone tries to stop the flood, using the link provided, it only sends you an e-mail saying that you have been removed- yet they keep coming.

And you, Publisher, seem to miss an opportunity to correct an obvious problem. When some former customers complain on this board about the problem, your response was to attack the messenger ("Why, what's wrong with being bombarded with junk mail- I get a lot of it") and then to ridicule him for having spent money with your company is absurd.

A more intelligent and effective response would be, "Hey, sorry to hear that there are problems with the e-mail system- I'll ask someone to look into it". . . . And then do it. Trying to defend the indefensible only makes you lose even more credibility, and that is a commodity that you do not have much to spare.

I actaully subscribed to AEPS for several years- and I watched it grow from a useful listing of available jobs to a PFT bed-partner. I let my subscription re-new automatically, though, until the flood of e-mails finally motivated me to cancel- and I doubt that I am the only one.
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Hear! Hear!

Thank you Mr. Webb. You've said everything I was thinking very clearly. I've tried to stop the flow of AEPS-Spam thruogh the web page per the stated procedures while I was a real member and still it keeps coming.

I sent an email to customer service and changed the subject to "Stop sending me..." and it stopped. So I guess miracles do happen.
This crap from AEPS is getting ridiculous. How does my pilot profile match the job requirements at Chataqua for flight attendants and A&P mechanics?
A more intelligent and effective respons

I always wondered who "Publisher" really was, and now I really know. You work for a company that like a leech sucks the blood from an unwilling host. But in your case, you play it off as a company that helps pilots. Your company only saw opportunity in making money because of the never ending demand and nieve unsuspecting pilots. You are like a sportys catolog, pages and pages of @#%$ that you will never use, But was advertised to you as a must have.

I hope that every pilot, who is out of work, is able to return as soon as possible, no matter what kind of person they are. But as for you Publisher, I hope that the furloes last long enough to put your company into bankruptcy. Aeps is right up there with "pay for training."

bring it on
Some basis

Sucking blood from an unwilling host....... let us get a few things straight. I work for WED which also owns AEPS.

Second, only about 50% of the people who are members in AEPS are pilots. Third, it is not the Airline Employment PS, it is the Aviation Employment PS. Fourth, I could not care less if you elect to use the service or not. I think it has benefited a large number of people and companies. If companies did not see the benefits, they would not use it and it would fail. Fifth, the number is growing not shrinking. Sixth, one reason for that is that the service was designed to help people find jobs that were not all that obvious, not to get someone a job with a major airline. AEPS started when no one had a web site and it was harder to find the jobs. It also gave employers a place to look that was centralized. Lastly, most of the people who were in the database prior to the 11th were employed. The fact is that everyone connected with this company were aviation vets.
The database was actually started from a request from the training division of an airline to track people.

Your caustic immaturity reflects little of the professionalism any pilot should have.

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