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still ugly at chautauqua?

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Active member
Mar 10, 2002
A while back there was a thread about people furloughed(maybe "terminated" was the word) out of seniority, then new hires possibly coming on in front of them, lots of good discussion!
What's the latest?
The company "re-hired" most of the terminated jet guys, but not the saab pilots. There are still many out of work former Saab pilots with 8+ months at the company, while the jet people, who many of them never even saw the inside of the sim, are back to work. The company claims this is because they are in dire straits and need to save money, but they showed a profit last year of $7 million. Also, the pilots that were re-hired were given new hire dates. If the Saab guys were to come back, they would be junior to the same pilots who they were many months senior to.

Chautauqua may begin hiring in the near future, but make it your very LAST option. Don't make the same mistake that many pilots made, get on with a reputable airline the first time. Then you won't end up losing about a year's worth of seniority.

Former CHQ Saab FO

That really sucks! I tried to get an interview with Chautauqua, but couldn't. I'm glad I'm strictly on furlough, and not fired like you are!

Sorry about that buddy!

Hope you can get flying with someone else soon.


PS-Heard the SAAB is a nice airframe! What did you think?
Above info is coorect except Chq has only hired a few people back- all jet drivers I think about 15 so far. I am Terminated SAAB and I have no idea if I will ever be offered my job back. I'm sure if I do that it will be after every jet guy has his job with a new seniority number below mine.
Ahh, the Teamsters!!

What a worthless bunch they are! Now there's a group that is in over their heads. It's funny, because after getting the ax from CHQ, I now work for a wholly owned. It's the best thing that could've happened although I didn't know it at the time. During groundschool my sim partner(an Ex-Laker) and I and a couple of the other Sh*t Taco guys would all compare our horror stories about how useless the teamsters are (I have a feeling the Lakers could share a few unbelievable ones). Having ALPA as a union now, the differences are like black and white or night and day, and believe me, I am being overly cautious about ALPA as a union based on my experiences with the teamsters. Bruce, MEC Chairman and spineless weasel, hasn't mentioned the terminations since they teamsters blew the court case. But it is good to know that the local is moving from Indy to Houston. That's the pilots "represented" by Local 747 money being put to good use. That's what happens when pilots are represented by a bunch of truckdrivers. I feel sorry for anyone that is unfortunate enough to have this as your "representation" I loath the union as much as I do the company nowadays. My peace has been said. The hell with both of them.

It gets better

It seems that now the teamsters are going to up the rate they charge us for the exellent service they provide.
Here is a Teamsters story ala Laker.
I was sitting in the crew room in ORD with the #3 captain in the company. Our Teamster rep was there that day trying to gather info on our upcoming contract. My captain and I are in full uniform minus our hat (hey, we're having lunch in the crew room....and no real Laker wears their hat anyways ;) ). This guy asks us if we are flight attendants!!! Hmm...stripes on the shoulder... If the Teamsters reps can't even tell if somebody is a pilot or a flight attendant, I can understand their worthlessness. Embarassing.
Re: It gets better

dav8or said:
It seems that now the teamsters are going to up the rate they charge us for the exellent service they provide.

You guys can always vote in a new Representational Group-----ALPA!

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