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starting pay for FO on American Eagle

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Well-known member
Jul 2, 2002
Does anyone know the starting pay for a FO on american Eagle. I am actually wondering what all the different pay is between the regionals. Who is the best?
given the number of people at eagle on furlough right now i would guess their starting pay is $0...

however, i can tell you that comair starting pay is $21.75 per hour after completion of IOE. this is supposed to be "industry leading" but i can think of at least two airlines that beat that (piedmont and air whisky).

why ask about eagle anyway? it can't be because you are going to work there...
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i believe they have raised it since i started from 19.56 to 20. ?? But for us guys on furlough that really doesnt matter:) by the way, wheres my bonus check!?
Yeah pay went up from $19.56 to a whopping, hang on this is incredible, $20.26! Yeee-haaaw!
As for the bonus check....oh come on now, Bowler and Co. surely care about us and haven't forgotten us?!
Your bonus check is in the mail! I PROMISE! I currently fly for Beagle and i am looking to get the he-l out!!
You could make more starting out at Wall Mart than most regionals. A little embarassing isn't it?
you got that right...i almost made as much on unemployment as i do at one of the highest paying regionals on first year pay...

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