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Well-known member
Feb 20, 2003
Airnet guys, can you post your 1st year gross below and say what year it was? I'm trying to make some decisions based on possible income rather than SJS!

Thanks guys.

BTW if any Empire or MAC guys want to fess up as well, that would be great..Thanks again!
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January 2004 - December 2004

CMH Prop Floater for 10 months
Jet SIC 2 months
2 months of the old floater pay in Jan and Feb
On the road alot, worked quite a few 5 day weeks.

Travel Pay + Overtime + 1 charter + 2 months floater pay + per diem = $42,000 first year
Yep, but I made the change for more reasons than money. Day schedule, live at home, travel benefits, more job stability (AirNet is for sale and CEO has done a poor job of running company). Pay scales in the future are higher at regionals than pay scales at AirNet since they cut the pay scale to a 3% yearly increase as long as you have no right ups. If you have a right up, you may lose half your raise. 2nd right up, can lose your entire raise. I've talked to alot of Lear Captains who wish they left earlier before the money got too good. That is, they can't afford first year regional pay and very few, if any, Lear Captains are making a move from AirNet to Majors. There was no future to staying at AirNet long term. Better career progression by leaving to go to regionals. Does that answer your question? It's not all about the money, it's QOL. Nights get old and kills your social life.

"In the year 2000"(Conan quote by the way)- $5500 (August-December)... ok, so i was an SIC those months, but hey you asked.

Don't remember any others, and i am afraid to look at my current paycheck because i know how long i have been here (and so do you now) and i still don't make much more than when i first started.

Perv, man you crazy breakin' it down as far as charters, travel and the rest.

I know you were just bustin his chops, but yeah, i believe he meant "write-ups" as well...but hey, now you see what flying a slow old RJ will do to the brain. :D

The pay raises do suck, they do not even keep up with Cost of Living Increases anymore...really sad, and yes i am one of those captains Perv is talking about. If i knew it would get like this i too would have left before the money became too "good" for lack of better word. I just cannot afford to take a large paycut with a family to take care of.
Ok, you all caught me on my grammer. Ya, I meant write ups and not mx ones at that. I meant disciplinary write ups. If you get one, you may, or most likely will lose half of your 3% raise for the year. If you have a second one that year, you lose all your raise. They have even written guys up for not putting the number of cycles on the paperwork. Small details, but they can have a large financial hit on you in the future. I'd say most Lear Captains are now only making around $70000-$80000 max. That's with the old raise system to get them there now. If your new to the company, your pay scale will be something like this:

40 hr a week/ base pay not including per diem ($36 a day IF away from base) or 5th nights
(add min of 12 hours a week for a fifth night at hourly rate X 52 wks)

1st year Prop $11.12/hr $23,129/yr 1st year
3% raise after first year: $11.45/hr $23,816/yr 2nd year
Jet SIC upgrade: add $2.88/hr

2nd year with AirNet as Jet SIC: $14.33/hr $29,806/yr 2nd year
3% raise after second year: $14.76/hr $30,700/yr 3rd year
3% raise after third year: $15.20 $31,616/yr 4th year

Lear Captain Upgrade add $5.88/hr
In 4th year upgrade = $21.08/hr $43,846.40 4th year
3% raise after fourth year = $21.71/hr $45,156.00 5th year
3% raise after fifth year = $22.36/hr $46,508.80 6th year

And so on.

At a Regional Airline (IE SkyWest)

Base pay (75 month guarantee and no per diem included)

1st year Jet FO $19.02/hr $17,118/yr
2nd year Jet FO $34.54/hr $31,086/yr
3rd year Jet FO $35.61/hr $32,049/yr
3rd year Jet CPT $59.54/hr $53,586/yr
4th year Jet FO $36.71/hr $33,039/yr
4th year Jet CPT $61.40/hr $55,260/yr
5th year Jet CPT $63.29/hr $56,961/yr

Hopefully this explains my long term pay dilemma with AirNet. 2nd year Jet FO at a regional already makes more a year at a base salary than 2nd year Jet FO base salary at AirNet. Fly safe everyone.

DANG!!!!! I wish i could be making 70-80K right now...not me, i'm in the 48K range as a 5th year Capt. and that includes the years past when we got the good raises. Oh well, things may be changing soon, keeping my fingers crossed for new horizons.

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