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Standard vs. Half Rate Turns...

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Feb 13, 2006
Anyone know if there is an FAR requiring standard rate turns when being vectored by ATC? Sometimes I try to get away with 'Half Bank' for passenger comfort and usually the controllers don't say anything... just curious if anyone knew so I don't have to find my FAR/AIM... My guess is its in the AIM

This is more for down-low terminal type vectors as most planes use 1/2 bank up high automatically...

TAS divided by 10 (+ 7) or 360 degrees in two minutes.

I think most Flight Directors will limit you to 27 degrees at standard rate.

Do what you do. You have TCAS, and a brain. If they need more they'll ask.

Of course this all assumes that you enter the turn using a roll rate of 12 degrees per second, per second and initiate the roll rate reduction approximately 1/2 of the angle of the desired bank and smoothly reduce the roll while maintaining the aircraft in trim. I just made all that last $4it up.:D Seriously, RELAX.
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In busy terminal airspace ATC will sometimes b!tch at you if your turn rate is insufficient, such as in half bank. They expect certain performance from aircraft and will use this expected performance to THEIR advantage. You'll have the same problem in terminal airspace, in NAV mode, if you have the bank factor set too low for "pax comfort" (referring to the NZ2000 FMS).

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