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Spirit Aviation - VNY

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I forgot to ask about living in the Van Nuys area. Costs, living there, best place to look for housing, etc.


Worked out of VNY for a while back about 10 or 12 years ago. A friend worked for Spirit back then and didn't have good things to say. (Of course, it could be much different now).

I don't think you want to live in the general vicinity of the VNY airport. (Unless you like wearing Kevlar). Try looking North over the mountains. Acton, Simi Valley, etc... There are some nice areas in that direction but you will spend lots of time on the road.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
I agree with CL60 I have heard nothing good about Spirit. It is a tough place to work (typical charter job).

As far as living in the VNY area...you DON'T want to live there. Very high crime area ( you better brush up on your Spanish too). You might try Burbank (OK but not great), or the Sant Clarita Valley (great area and only about 20 min. drive to VNY). Niether of these areas is cheap though (a one bedroom apt. will run you about $900 a month). Good luck.
Can you guys be a little more specific about the bad things. I already know 135 jet charter sucks from first hand experience. Need to know if its company specific suckiness or general 135 charter suckiness

I just want to make sure they pay their bills and run a legit operation without any unusual training contracts, 250 hr PFT FOs, high turnover, stuff like that. I have worked places where they fire all the pilots and replace them with PFT pilots come recurrent sim time and I dont need that kind of hassle any more

They do run a ligit business (they have been around for a long time). They are no worse than any typical on-demand charter company. As far as I know there has never been PFT at Spirit. They just work you like a farm animal. The poeple that run the operation are just not fun to work for. Good luck.
Thanks charterpuke. Thats what I thought you meant. Sounds like every 135 place I have been at

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