"Spate of airline pilot mishaps triggers concerns"


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Sep 20, 2008
What a miserable bunch of jackasses the media really is...

These guys expect to pay far less than a comparable trip on a bus or a train, and they expect to be rocketed across the continent in perfect safety on the very latest on modern multi-million dollar equipment, operated by nothing but consumate professionals held to the very highest standards in their personal and professional activities, and they expect all this for $59 each way.

The public buys this perception hook, line, and sinker. If you were to ask around, I would even bet the majority would say that 80% of all U.S. airlines are making huge profits each year. The country is so dumbed-down that we now have the public all over our asses for doing good, bad, or just plain doing our job. The mostly retarded masses have no idea what horrible shape the whole industry is in, and they are all absolutely convinced that each and every person flying an airliner makes $300k per year and has 25 days off per month.

-Face it-this industry is doomed.
-What a mess.