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Southwest Training Question

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Dec 9, 2001
Looking for some info in case my interview was successful:

Anyone out there know what SWA's normal (pre-9/11) training act is like? More specifically, does their training shut down or slow down towards the end of the year/holiday season?

With a late August availability (stop-loss willing), I'm curious if I might end up waiting for a Jan (or later) class date--depending on my "pool date" (again, if successful).

My story:
Applied -- Mar '01
Called -- Aug '01
Interview scheduled for Sept 17
Interview delayed to Oct 17 due to UBL
Interview cancelled
Interview rescheduled -- Dec '01
Interview -- Jan 14
First "contact" called by SWA -- today (Jan 23)

If you're selected, get your type ASAP. By the time Aug rolls around, you'll be at the top of the pool, with your slot kind of being "deferred" until you're available; i.e. you're "on deck" for one of the first classes after you're available.

I had a buddy who was overseas and unavailable, but had finished his type and interview/selection several months earlier. He was put into the mid-October class almost immediately after notifying the People Dept of his availability.

If you wait on the type rating until you're about to get out, figure 3-6 month wait for a class after the type. You don't want to be 6 classes down the list when they decide to shut down for the year to "evaluate economic conditions"...
Generally the company does slow down slightly during the Thanksgiving-New Year timeframe. Not just training but interviews. This past year wasn't a good example (very little training obviously due to 911) but previously they reduce the class size around Christmas to only about 10 folks & then allow them an extra few days to go home at Christmas. I wouldn't worry too much about it but if the dilemma is there you can always usually slide a class forward (into Jan '03) if necessary probably. My own recommendation is don't because for you to receive profit sharing with the company you have to be on property for an entire year - Jan 1 - Dec 31. If you're hired on Dec 31 you get a piece of the pie, if you get hired on 2 Jan you won't until you work an entire calendar year. Take the Christmas present & start ASAP whenever they offer the class date is my recommendation.

Try to get your info in now; otherwise you're looking at January of next year at the earliest.
SWA Bubba will help you if you have any questions about the hot dogs they serve at the training center.

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