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Southwest Question

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Nov 1, 2005
How long after your interview does it usually take to start getting your references checked? Just wondering when I should start getting worried. One week? Two?


From past experience of folks on here & from my friends, phone calls to references "generally" are called in as little as just a few days after the interview to a couple of weeks after the interview....generally though I would say that when someone does well enough in the interview to generate "call references" the timeframe is 3-10 days for 80% of the folks.

Good luck...hope it all works out. I have known of folks who have slipped past this general rule due to variables but these are rate....be patient & keep all irons in the fire & if it doesn't work out this time realize that something about you generated some interest from Southwest & if you wish to apply again those characteristics will stil be there (& hopefully more) to get another call....thanks for your interest in Southwest & enjoy the family & friends at Thanksgiving!!!


Another interesting point... one of the guys from my reserve unit was hired a few months ago with no references called. Rare, but true. I also know 4 people who had their references called and did not get hired. So you can't read too much into whether or not your references are called or not. It's generally a good thing to have them called though.

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