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Southwest, another question..

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Nov 25, 2001
A thread on Airnet here on the board mentions flying the Caravan, and the desire of most of the Airnet pilots to fly twins in order to build multi time. Here's the question: after you build the required multi time, would a year spent flying the Caravan (PIC) fulfill the required 1,000 pic turbine, or is it "understood" that this requirement means multi turbine for purposes of the Southwest hiring process?
The stated SWA requirments are as follows..

ATP..First class medical

2500 total time or 1500 hours turbine..

Min of 1000 hours PIC in a turbine aircraft..

They hire alot of F-16 drivers and very few of them have any multi time..

They do NOT state anything about required multi time..

If you meet this mins you WILL be called for an interview..

The fact is, a majority of SWA pilots are ex-military and they realize that military training is better than the average civilian training. The average military pilot does emergency procedures simulators every three months while civ pilots do recurrent training annually. Let's face it, airline pilots are hired for one reason and one reason only: To take care of bidness when the sh#$% hits the fan. If you were in charge of hiring who would you want in that situation, someone who has been on the pointy end of the spear or someone who has been padding their logbook with Cessna 152 time?:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Din't thank so!

Peace Out

Don't get mad at the previous poster. There are tons of military guys who are great guys, but a few out there as you mentioned have chips on their shoulders. These guys are usually the ones who walk in to their pilot training bases with "Fly fighters" or some other rah rah stuff on their cars, then leave a year later only to spend the next 3 years raising the gear for a captain on their P-3 or other multi-place aircraft. Once they get an airline job they think they can bully their civilian counterparts and scoff at the guys who remain on active duty. Any military pilot who openly picks a fight with a civilian on these boards is likely venting frustration at their own career disillusionments.

As for me...I fly fighters...but I"ve never seen a glass cockpit. I don't routinely fly into JFK, LAX, or other nightmare arrivals. I don't know jack about deice procedures (except what I memorized for my FEX written) BlueDev8tor met me last week and showed me a buddy's 99 Piper Archer. He showed me the "gucci" autopilot, and explained that it was virutally identical to the one in his CRJ and that I would see it in a JetBlue A320. However...his jaw dropped when I told him I've NEVER flown an airplane with an autopilot (except the altitude hold feature on an eagle...it won't shoot an approach, or control airspeed, or anything....just will hold level flight as long as your airspeed doesn't bleed off). My point is everyone brings something to the fight, and ignore these morons. Trust me...if I'm in indoc training I am going to be picking the brain of the CRJ or regional pilot for systems gouge, not a P-3 guy.

On the other hand...those b@#tards do have one more air to air kill than I do...so I guess I've got to give them some respect! :D

Fly safe and play nice.
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First of all, oriondriver needs to get a clue and maybe he should save his comments until he gets a little experience in the real world. the military and the civilian world has the good and the bad. lets see who i want to fly with, someone who has flown a 1000 hours a year shooting 5 approaches a day, or someone who has flown 100 hours a year shooting 5 approaches a year. also, the only thing i have padded is my wallet. im not knocking any military or civilian guys, just oniondriver. have fun. wish you all luck.
Just a fact for everyone to ponder.

Oriondriver is somewhat incorrect about SWA. I was in the Aug.3 class (class # 01-16) and out of twenty pilots, only seven had military time. However, all the military pilots had some civ. time.

If Oriondriver goes into the SWA interview with the above attitude, I don't think he will have a career with Southwest Airlines.

Take care all

Lets see, last time I checked i was going to the sim once every 6 months. Lets not forget the old 299 ride thrown in there. So what Orion is showing us is that he knows nothing about the civilian world other than the fact that we all padded our logbooks in our 152's. And yes he probably is better at emergencies than most of us. Airplanes that old usually do have a lot more problems than the newer state of the art stuff that most of us are flying. Personally I have never flown a plane that was built in the 1950s or 60s.

Spin them props orion boy, and go chase a sub. lol

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