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SouthWest adding fees!

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Well-known member
Mar 8, 2005
Industry forces Southwest to add fees for pets, baggage and unaccompanied minors

Southwest Airlines, which has long bragged of no hidden fees, joined other carriers fighting industry economic challenges and grouped several fees into one announcement today, the Dallas News reported. The airline will allow small cats and dogs as carry-on items and charge $75 each way. It will increase bag fees to $50 from $25 for a third checked bag or a bag weighing between 51 and 70 pounds, and will charge unaccompanied minors $25 each way.
Funny. Some SWA guys on here said they would never follow the so called nickel and dime crowd. Just goes to show the bottom line will always dictate what a given business will and wont do.
It was only a matter of time

So now SWA will almost be like the rest of the industry.

The only thing constant is change and the wind of change is upon SWA. Hope it stops with only these fees.
They are leaving money on the table and they see it. I just can't believe they would start adding fees before developing a single engine taxi procedure.

LGA is gonna cost them some silver with 2 motors burnin for the taxi.
I could see a 3rd checked bag fee increase and adding an unaccompanied minor fee but, an extra charge just because you have something alive in a carry-on??:rolleyes:

Southwest just joined the rest of the crowd.
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Southwest currently does single engine taxi when necessary.

Right Calyspo!. We piss away millions in fuel $ because we taxi on two engines routinely when NOT necessary. I know the SWA coolaid is great and all - I work at SWA too - but it's o.k. to admit that maybe some of our procedures aren't the best. Second engine starts just fine from the right seat during taxi also. Industry standard.
Single engine taxi in LGA isn't always possible anyway. How often have you been stuck in a pothole/dimple in the pavement waiting in the lineup to get to 13 with a full load on a hot day ?? You need two burning on those days just to get moving -- that is until you get the shut em down call on the "doubles" on a weather day. Really though, when there are no lines is there any advantage to single engine taxi ??

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