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Something for the YIP folks to think about...

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No idea what's goin' on.
Aug 8, 2003

(excerpt below)

"...GM's inability to sell cars at full price left its U.S. auto operations with $3 billion in first-half losses. Moody's Investors Service reduced the company's credit rating to high- risk, high-yield junk yesterday, citing the need for GM to reduce its dependence on large incentives..."

"Adding 2006 SUVs is like the kiss of death,'' said Rebecca Lindland, an analyst for Lexington, Massachusetts-based Global Insight Inc. "Where do they stop it?''

"August has been a very slow month for domestic automakers,'' Anwyl said in an interview. "We are forecasting GM will probably see about a five-point decline in market share, which is huge.''
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We think about it every night. They are building cars right now and their plants are busy.
Can't they are not in the passenger business, it would be a bunch of retraining. Besides they don't have Bill.
Most of the cargo we have been moving has been all Chrysler cargo. I can't remember the last GM trip.
With all the glum news about the car industry and the hurricane, I wonder if the one will benefit the other.

Look at all those flood damaged cars in the news...there's scads of cars that will be totalled out for insurance purposes and others that will not be salvagable.

I think that if the car makers in Detroit were using their thinking caps, they woud be thinking about tooling up a discount sales program for those that have lost their cars in L.A. right about now...and I aint talking about "employee discount" scams.
I hope you're wrong...

"I think that if the car makers in Detroit were using their thinking caps..."

Well, if the past is any indication Honda and/or Toyota have already begun to captialize on the opportunity. You can expect Detroit to come roaring in on a $3.00/gallon gas guzzling F-350 and proclaim they've come to save the day. Problem is --with where their heads are seemingly at-- they've missed the news about the hurricane and will have to steal the idea from an overseas marketing group and pawn it off as their own. Sadly, that's the kind of reliability we've come to expect from Detroit.

As far as moving their products are concerned, I hope you're wrong. The last thing we need are more fuel inefficient SUV's/trucks motoring around -- good point though. Perhaps they can just start handing them out?

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