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Some more info for SWA poolies.

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Betting "Don't" these day
Nov 27, 2001
Hi gang,

I spoke with Jennifer M. today. She asked me if I'd heard any rumors about the hiring. I explained that I've heard SWA will hire anywhere from 600 to 650 pilots in 2002. She thought that was funny, and that she'd not heard anything like that!

When she got done laughing, she told me not to expect a class assignment in April and I'd most likely have to wait until more classes are planned. That is, don't hold my breath for April, and hope for more hiring in 2002.

All in all, I appreciate her honesty, but I sure was hoping to get in on this round of hiring. Any SWA folks have any more info?

Don't get me wrong... I am very happy to have the offer on the table.

Oh... by the way...

My stats...

Interviewed: Feb 14, 2001

Typed November: 6, 2001

"You are swimming... stay warm" letter: November 7, 2001

Jennifer should pick up the phone and talk to Milt and the boys in the training center. They are the source of the "600-650 pilot rumor". Every guy I talk to who is fresh from his recurrent training down there comes back with the same rumor. They are configuring the place to handle a big influx of newhires as well as to keep up with the demand for upgrades. New sims, new classrooms, more instructors, etc. I hope I'm not puttting out the bad gouge here, but 3 or 4 captains and at least one check airman have quoted me the same numbers. Time will tell I guess. Good luck to all the swimmers.
Thank you for the info. I'll keep working on the back-float in order to better relax.


Jenn, Lindsey, Amanda & the gang in the People Dept work pretty much on a day by day, week by week basis. They are great people who have learned over the past 6 months to year that to predict anything in terms of future hiring isn't beneficial (too many people rely on their every word & can be easily influenced one way or the other) & can be very counterproductive. They realize what level of influence they have on wannabes & they show great restraint in giving their opinions about the future. It also isn't relevant to their job but is great sport for those who are trying to "glean" more info from them...reading the tea leaves.

Also, quite frankly, they are at the end of the "whip" when it comes to getting the word on what the future holds and for good reason. They work day to day issues & about a month in advance. Training folks works months & years in advance & IMHO are better indicators of what is instore for the future. I'm optimistic based upon trends in training that "eventually" the People Dept will have more good words for others out there but the People Dept will be one of the last groups to know since they generally only deal with final execution of plans that have been put in motions months before by many others above them. As analogy, the stock trader on the floor on Wall Street merely executes what he's been told to buy/sell. His prediction about the next order is exactly that, only a prediction. They aren't the movers & shakers who make the final call. The actual planning, decision making & research that resulted in that action occurred outside of the traders view & knowledge. Each are important role players in this however. SWA is lucky to have the quality of folks in our People Dept that we do, I'm sure all would agree.

I don't think either view is wrong, they just have different vantage points in which to view the future. My 2 cents.

From "the Plane Business" Web Site on Thusday...

In other news, Southwest Airlines CEO Jim Parker was interviewed by Bloomberg today, and he had some interesting things to say. Namely that the airline will add new routes next year, reversing its earlier statements that it would cut back on its planned expansion for 2002.

The airline has not decided if it will add new cities, increase the number of existing daily flights, or add new routes, according to the airline.

But Parker said in the interview "We'll be adding new routes. It will probably be a little less robust rate of growth than our shareholders have become accustomed to, but we've chosen to take a pretty cautious approach in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 events."

This really is not unexpected. While the airline had said in its third quarter conference call that they had put their expansion plans on hold, it was also clear that it was a 'wait and see thing' that could be changed at any time.
Thanks to all who responded. I want everyone to know, particularly "Chase," that I meant no disrespect to Jennifer or anyone else at the People Dept. I realize their's is a difficult job, and they probably get a zillion calls a day from poolies. Actually, I called the People Dept. to discuss a PRIA authorization form for a former employer. Jennifer then asked if I'd heard any good rumors about hiring. That's when we discussed my standing in the pool. As I stated before, I realize Jennifer was only being honest with me, and I certainly appreciate her candor. I'd rather someone "tell it like it is" than give me empty promises. I also realize she was not "laughing" AT me. I tend to write in a toungue-in-cheek style and try to draw a little chuckle out of the readers. (I'm sure it rarely works.) She only laughed when I gave her the 600 - 650 pilots rumor. Our conversation was friendly and cordial. We wished each other a happy holiday season before we hung up.

Anyway, I have certainly learned to be very patient for this industry. It took me seven years to get an interivew with United. I waited six months in that pool, and it took me eight months to get furloughed! I am not one of those snivelling types who cries, "I want my job, and I want it now!!!" (Remember the little girl who wanted the Umpa-Loompa from Mr. Wonka's chocolate factory?... look what happened to her!!) I have taken my share of bumps and bruises from this career, and I could be bitter. However, I am thankful to be alive so that I may play again.

I look forward to returning to the flight deck. I will admit I am a bit anxious, and it was somewhat disheartening to find out I will probably not make the April cut.

Have a good one everybody and y'all be good!! Remeber, Santa's checking that list twice!



You seem to have done the math. I guess nobody knows what classes will be offered after April.

Do you (or anyone) have a guess to when someone that enters the pool in January would start class????

Good question...


I don't know the answer to your question. I wish I knew. I try to save my clairvoyance for the dice tables in Vegas. Pass line bets with full odds and placing a couple numbers are about as good as I can do right now, however. Sometimes a hardways or field bet will work, but they are far and few between... oh wait, we were discussing aviation not craps. Good luck!


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