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Some help with SOP's and Calls for the Sovereign

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Active member
Feb 12, 2006
Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to see if someone out there could provide me with their SOP's and calls for the Sovereign.

I'm really not looking to get company sensitive information just stuff related to the operation of the aircraft.

Our department is going to start looking and I'd like to short circuit the process for the training and integration.

Really appreciate the help,

P.M if required
Thanks again,
V1. Rotate. V2.
ah i see.....well we cant give you any of our stuff because we're not allowed to distribute those documents.

Id still call whoever is going to do you training and they will get you a copy. If they think their sop's will sway you to coming to their school im sure they will sugar coat them as well.
Call the FSI Wichita Cessna Learning Center at (316) 220-3200 and ask them for a study guide; I think they have them in .pdf (or at least they did for the CJ2+).
Thanks O2B you're right.. We are expected to go in this direction and I just wanted to see what operators have made good changes to the base material that Flight Safety/Cessna creates.

Stuff like climb profiles, approach to landing profile, company call outs etc

Thanks to all for your help,
Hi, can someone please tell me how to operate a large aircraft? I don't need to know how to takeoff or land, just fly. Thanks and may Allah be with you...
LOL.. wow.. never ceases to amaze me the fear that goes on around this nonsense.. I'm just asking for some tips from other folks to ease the transition...

I suppose you must be a vocal supporter for the LASP ??? Don't worry the bogeymen are not around every corner..

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