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Nov 26, 2001
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Ladies and Gentleman,
I'm a 42-year old retired Navy helicopter aircrewman with 4000 hours of flight time as a Sensor operator in the SH-2F and SH-60F/HH-60H. I am graduating from Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale this spring with a B.S. in Aviaiton Mgt. I hold a Comm/Inst and about 750 hours TT.
Here is my plan:

1. 1st Class Medical

2. Enrolling in All ATP ME program

3. Getting my CFI/CFII with a long-time corporate pilot and CFI

4. Build time to Pt. 135 Mins and try to get on with RAM Air Freight, Air Net, Mountain Air Cargo or Amerflight.

5. Get into left seat of turbine equipment and build time to 3000 and ATP.

6. Apply to FedEx, UPS, ABX and just about every Pt. 121 freight outfit out there. Not that interested in flying pax, although not limiting myself to cargo.


1. Is it worth going through All ATPs ASAP program (21 days, 100 hrs. ME PIC in 21 days for 13K)?

2. If going that route would AirNet consider my military flightcrew experience, and give me an interview with about 1000hrs(150ME)?

3. What are the pros and cons of the 135 freight outfits I mentioned?

4. Are there any flight time opportunities in SW Virginia for sky diving or glider tow ops? Appreciate some assistance if anyone would be so kind.

Thanks for your time, I'm sure you hear a lot of these questions and scenarios from neophytes like myself. However, I bring 20+ years of multi-place crew aircraft flying, an education and more importantly life experience and maturity to any small company that needs people that will set a good example for the younger folks.

Warm Regards,

ex-Navy Rotorhead


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Dec 31, 2001
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A lot
I have to agreee with Jim. Your sensor operating time in any form of applying it to crew experience is worthless towards civilian operators.

Your other ideas sound like a good plan.