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So is that it for July 15th?

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Betting "Don't" these day
Nov 27, 2001
Looks like we have 4 people off our unofficial SWA poolie list for the July 15th class. Yikes! That's a bummer. Sure would like to see more. Anyone care to comment?

Congratulations to the four lucky winners!!

Hey everybody, I have been gone for about two weeks and have not been able to read the posts. I to was called for the July 15th class. I wish everbody well and hope the pool drains fast.

Right on!!

Hey congrats to you! It's good to see some movement down the list!! Anyone else?

Hey guys,
We just got word about 4 new poolies not on our list who got called for the July class. We should have the list updated soon.

Congrats to RMI, ATKTK, Wildman, Boots, and now SWADRVR 2002!! Keep the info coming...
Just recently discovered this forum. Great idea with lots of good info.

Anyway, I am in the 15 July SWA class. For an idea of where they are in the pool pecking order here is my info:

Interview: 24 June 01
Type: 22 Oct 01
Pool Date: 22 Oct 01

I am a local from the DFW area so is any of the 15 July folks have any questions about the area or anything let me know. Hope everyone has a great 4th!!
Wait a second Bud......

I just read a post from "Anyone in the Fed Ex hiring pool?" where Budman just got hired by Fed Ex.

Assuming you're the same Budman, can we assume you're going to SWA? Or are you going to Fed Ex? This is a great choice to have, especially in the same week. Good luck with your decision. Either way, you can't go wrong. It's a great position to be in.
Yes, I consider myself very fortunate to have been hired by both companies, especially in this market. The decision is not an easy one!
New list!

Hey all,

Just put out the new list....check it out. We've got 199 members now!! And there's 10 from our list going to the July 15th class.

We need to hear from Ricinphx, Pinion, 225 & Jinxy. If anyone knows whether they've been called to class, please let us know...

Thanks again for spending all the time to keep the list goin!!! We all appreciate it!


I consider this a privledge and I'm honored to be the keeper of the list. I find it keeps me occupied with SWA while waiting in the pool myself. I'm getting to know who's out there and can't wait to meet the people that I've gotten to know through this process. Thanks for your praise and encouragement!!:)

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