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So I got failed on my -II today....

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Yeah Buddy
Oct 14, 2004
Yeah, I'm still pretty animate about it but it's not that big of a deal. Time to vent...

Officially, the notice of disapproval lists re-examination on:

Now I wonder how to proceed to get the ticket, once I get the academic flight with the fellow instructor to re-sign me for examination. Should I do it with Cappie, or go to the next DE? If my interpretation of the re-examination is correct, the re-check will ONLY consist of NO oral, takeoff to the hold, DO A HOLD, no approach, land visual. Is this what I should expect? Who should I do it with?

There,I feel much better now. Busted in the easiest checkride of them all heh? ;) I do feel a little good about it, keeps me commited and driven, and a better and humble man :)

Happy Flying!
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Good luck with that dude Man.....I've heard plenty of horror stories from several folks I know who have trained in the Atlanta FSDO.....this guy is notorious for CFI ride busts....Damn doesn't he realize he's affecting a person's entire flying career.....Oh well..ran out of cash went to Florida got the ticket anyways best of luck to ya the next time around, It's your for the taking!!!
Well no offense, but I read about half of this and all I have seen how it was everyone else and eveerything elses fault except your own... I have never seen a winds aloft forecast OR report that shows any kind of gust factor... So your single radio C-172 has the ability to give you accurate wind direction and speed (including gusts)? HHmmmm...

Sounds to me, from what I read, that when he gave you that hold that you knew you really couldn't safely (and accurately) do that you should have told him "unable" and asked for something else, just like you (should) do in real life... If the winds were that bad that you felt you shouldn't do the ride, you as PIC should have scrubbed the flight... If you didn't have the operable equipment that you felt you needed for the mission, you as PIC should have scrubbed the flight...

I'm sorry you failed your checkride, but perhaps you should look in the mirror first for blame, prior to trying to find other (less painful) reasons...
Just venting fellas. It's all good :D

Regarding the winds, I called the FSS guy in-flight to give me the winds aloft (give them some to do).....sans the gust factor hair-splitting, the winds were 45-50kts .

It wasn't a safety issue, uncomfortable at best, but not unsafe. It was a logistical brainfart to try and be MacGyver, and that was my fault. I felt pigeon-holed to be honest, but I'll concede that argument and call it on me.

All that said, had I had the DME, the hold would have been a cake; had it been anything less than wicked choppy, the charts would have stayed in my lap rather than all over the cockpit. At least give me that holding on an intersection with a single VOR receiver, with considerable crosswind, no DME to alleviate triangulation, and no frequency swap button, in a 172, with an a$$hole DE with the sh$tiest attitude, is not necessarily the easiest thing to perform. And forget the checkride, just plain flying by yourself, I'm sure I'm not the only one guilty of messing an intersection hold with a boy scout compass and a wire hangar.........But you're right, the devil is in the details, I should have cried foul and no-go'ed the checkride. The whole handing him a fat check on the ground kinda gave me "let's-get-this-crap-done-I-need-a-jobitis" :D

It shouldn't be a big deal completing the ride, it's ONE measly task bullet, I just wonder if I should do it with him or somebody else. I just don't want to go over all that sh%t that's approved on paper already. Did learn a lot, nothing about flying though :D
Cry me a freakin' river!!!!:bawling: YOU failed, not the examiner. Place the blame were it's deserved. If you plan on flying for a career, I suggest you get used to this!!! 45-50 mph winds??? ooohhhh!!!!:rolleyes:
hindsight2020 said:
Yeah, I'm still pretty animate about it but it's not that big of a deal. Time to vent...

So, because of the hours that the oral took, now the winds decided to f%ck my day up. 11 gusting to 19 at the surface, great! God only knows what kind of sh%t is going on aloft....my guess was they weren't going to help me. So up I go in the mighty Skyhawk and..uh-oh!...DME inop.....no biggie, I passed a CFIA with FSDO first-time, I can handle this scenario.

Well off we go to the runway hold short and he gives me a mock clearance and like a good flow pilot I spit it back from memory, which was my mistake since I always write it down when I fly IFR. I would have preferred to have filed IFR for real like I did back in my IR checkride, that way I would have written it down instead of spewing it from memory. So we take off and he wrote down that I didn't check the DG for a THIRD time, two times on the ground wasn't enough for him. I wanted to say: "f%ck Captain, it's a 172, it's gonna precess ANYWAYS, let it go, 10 degress (what he noted the deviation to be at the time I hit the afterburner on the mighty Skyhawk) won't kill ya". No biggie, we press on.

Happy Flying!

Surface winds gusting to 19 knots? You kidding me? That is a normal day in KLBB/KMAF/KSJT where I did my training. "What is going on winds aloft?" I guess you are taking to the C172 up to the flight levels, maybe that jetstream might affect you.

Instead of wanted to say "f*** Captain" to the FSDO Inpsector, you might play the game and tell him what a good idea that is and how you will employ that technique in your flying. Also, yeah, its only a checkride, you said you write clearances down in daily flying, well Einstein, you might do that on a FSDO ride. I mean, not for nothing but you might try it.

Do the above on Ride II and get back to us. I am sure your chances will improve
Busted II

I did my CFII ride in Oklahoma, it had been pretty nice weather for the early summer, other than being HOT! But the day of the checkride the winds aloft were in the 35-4kts range. The DE looked at me and said "I'm still holding you to PTS standards", I looked at him and said "Let's reschedule." It's tempting and I really just wanted to get the ride over with, but I don't think he really wanted to fly that day either.

Good Luck next time!
Sounds to me like you should never have flown in the first place....is that the kind of day that would be conducive to a good learning environment? Would you teach someone in an airplane with only 1 radio and no DME? Sorry, but I think the blame lays squarely on your shoulders. We all have dinged checkrides. Take something away from your pink slip and move on...you'll do fine on the next one.

what doesn't kill ya will make you stronger.

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