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So Cal operators

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Well-known member
Aug 8, 2004
Anyone know of anyone hiring in So Cal for someone in the 1100tt 150m time range? Trying to stay local since the wife supports my flying habit, and I'm not trying to go broke at the regionals unless i have to! Not a kick at you regional guys by any means! I know poverty; i'm a CFI! Thanks gents
How much multi, and PIC time. Their is a Charter company in so. cal that is hiring, you will be a call 24/7, but the pay is much better than a regional. You need to put your time in and get to network. Good Luck
1100 total is still on the low side, when you hit 1200 you might have some luck with Spirit Aviation in Van Nuys. I have known them to put guys with around 1500 hours into King Airs (Also try West Coast in SNA). As murdock says, time to network.
He is right about Spirit Aviation it is a good place to work and I am sure you can get in even with your time, they were doing in house training on the King Air but I am not sure if they are anymore I can tell you this there training is very good and as an FO they will fly the pants off you so you will gain allot of good experience also you may even want to stay there the upgrade time to a jet is very fast and the pay is by far the best around for a 135 company go talk to Ken Hale he is the VP of opperations and a real good guy he will hire you.
I agree, my times are a bit low, but i'm starting to look now, so I can network and hopefully be ahead before my times get me there. THanks for all of the help, I'll run down to Spirit and see who I can meet, and what i can find out!
I'm emailing the CP my resume today, how's their response time? Looks like a great operation FSI training on the King Air according to the website.
Spirit Aviation

Good outfit. A well oiled machine. Good money, fair policies, good maintenance. 135 Schedule.
Argus/Wyvern & low time pilots?

Hey guys/gals, how do some 135 companies hire pilots with under 2500 TT and still maintain their Argus or Wyvern approval? I know if you don't have this approval many brokers and charter companies won't use you. What's the loop hole.....

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