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Marmaduke McPug

Active member
Jun 13, 2002
Anyone pull any good trips lately?
Anyone got any cool tips, crash pad info, good, bad or indifferent?
Anyone fly for a really great company, if so what’s great about it, how about the bad?

Just curious thazzzall…

I was hired by a small charter op Aug of 2001, bounced from the sked in Sept **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** near starved to death for 4 months and now were up and moving again.

How’s everyone else doing?

I have been busier than anything! Been doing about 17-18 days a month for the last 2 months... (I usually average 10-12)....

Been all over the world this year so far, done Europe about 7 times and Asia 3 times already this year!

Was in Hong Kong last week, that is a neat town... Took the ferry over to Kowloon for dinner, nice ride... Was in Tokyo a few weeks before that, did some shopping in the Ginza District.... Tianjin, China and Malaysia were ok, but not as nice as Hong Kong or Tokyo....

Just chugging along... starting next month we will have one plane down for maint. for the next couple months so that will alleviate the busy schedule somewhat! Woo Hoo!
Darn and here I am pumped over a 36 hr RON in New Orleans.

Glad to hear your crewing some great trips, I’m looking forward to my next overnighter in Vegas. Man I love that town.

Flying right seat in a Lear, really nice jet and a step up from what I was flying. Were based out of the Southwest and fly mostly 91 charter.
Our trips are respectable, nothing huge. My only complaint if you can call it that is the lack of flying time, I work about 2 days a week. I wouldn’t mind going fulltime with my current ride but the pay is a bit on the low side for the equipment we operate and our CP is one of those don’t rock the boat types so we don’t anticipate a pay raise anytime soon.

They seem to be happy training other peoples pilots.
Turn over even in today’s market is running about 25 to 35 percent.

CP keeps telling us part-timers to stay close as the summer kicks in, that we’ll see a sizable surge in business, so that’s exactly what I’m doing, staying close.

I had hoped to have enough hrs to be in play with one of the major fracs by now but someone up stairs had other things in mind and handed the entire aviation community a curve ball several months back.

So I’m doing the prudent thing and staying put, not rocking the boat and volunteering for anything with wings.

mpower said:
hey falcon capt, who do you fly for? that sounds like the 'ideal job'

Sorry, I don't give out my employer info online... I work for a very large corporation (Fortune 100)... And we have a sizable fleet of aircraft...

Fly Safe!
Welcome, Maraduke.

I fly about 17 days per month right now in the 35 and 55. Your CP is right. Charter will pick up as we approach September.

Neat trips? Everywhere from Calgary to St Maarten.

It sounds like you have a good grip on our current reality. Never forget that things happen for reasons, even if we don't understand.

Hang in there.
My Challenger is in the shop for the 120 month inspection - I love flyin' and all but can anyone say "5 weeks of paid vacation???"

Paid vacations ...

I, too, recently had an extended paid vacation ... the good folks up in Canada put a great new paint scheme on our King Air, so I had about a month to myself. Typically, rather than spending the time on the beach with a blonde or something, I chose to do a transcontinental delivery flight in a Bonanza instead!

Now we're back at it ... we've done a couple of EYW trips ... both turns, unfortunately, so no stops at Margaritaville for me. Next month starts our busy season ... lots of trips to exciting south Georgia.

Tailwinds, y'all ...


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