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SkyWest's latest rumors

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Active member
May 1, 2002
Anyone know what the latest rumors are regarding SkyWest and new hire classes? Is it true that there will not be any until next year? Just curious what the latest is.
From what I've heard, that rumor seems to be true. I believe the only training going on for the rest of the year will be CRJ upgrades. Maybe Andy Neill can shed some definate light on this one...
I have a friend who interviewed and was hired in December of 2001. She's been waiting for class ever since, and received a phone call from Skywest last week stating that her class most likely won't happen until early next year.

So, yep, the rumor seems to be true.
Unfortunately the rumor is true. However, it wouldn't surprise me if they did run at least one newhire class before the year is up.

crew scheduling keeps on sending e-mails to the Brasilia F.O.'s saying that there are quite a few trips available in open time so who knows. They may run a EMB upgrade & newhire class.

Tell your friend that I waited 9 months to come here and I think it was worth the wait! Although if they do get another offer from someone else go for it! Just don't give up the poolside seniority number!

Swimming for 1 year here. SkyWest was kind enough to hold my place in the pool after I was hired and activated for OEF right after the phone call scheduling me for class. SkyWest holding my spot when they didn't have to meant a lot to me and I will tread until class :D

Fingers crossed for class soon!!

They do require you to retire your seniority number at American. I don't know thought since you used to work there, but they would still probably require it to be done.

I do know of one former SkyWest captain who was hired back as an FO after they were laid off from a major. Unfortunatly, I dont know under what conditions. Give them a call, nothing to lose...

If we are talking about the same individual. The pilot completed training at the major, but did not start their IOE. As a result, they did not have a seniority slot to resign from. This individual was indeed rehired at SkyWest as a newhire, bottom of the list.

Anyone know who has taken over Ashley's job (pilot training)while she is on maternity leave?

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