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SkyWest Written

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Wasatch CFI

Katana Conquistador
Feb 21, 2002
I heard a rumor that half of the people who attended the Open House in SLC and took the written test failed it.

Andy or anyone else, have you heard the same thing?
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Just curious where did you get your info from?

I was told that the pass rate was extremely high(In the 90's).
My source is pretty reliable..

from AviationInterviews.com...

I attended the invitation and referral only Open House yesterday in SLC. There were two sessions one at 10am and one at 2pm for all positions open at Skywest Airlines. Over 400 people showed up, close to 150 Pilots alone! They made a comment that they were only expecting half, if that. We checked in and gave our letters of recommendation from our Skywest employee referrals. (They won't even let you in the door without one.) Then they gave about a 20 min presentation about Skywest and what their plans for growth are in the next year. They talked about hiring at least 200 pilots, which made everyone in the room take a sigh of relief. After the slideshow presentation they split us up into 2 groups and took us into the lunchroom (lack of space due to so many people) and we had a q&a session with some of the Chief Pilots and training guys. Questions were brought up about the Jets For Jobs US Air thing, which they eluded to being dead in the water, and open bases (PSP,FAT,SLC), and about the 80 guys waiting in the pool for a class date (hopefully by April or May). They then offered all of those who were interested the chance to take the written test. The guy was VERY firm about how if you failed the test that you would not have the opportunity to reapply for 6 month but realistically it could be a couple of years before you got another chance. If you didn't want to take it they gave to you the option of returning to LAX the following week to take it there at that session. They then took us in shifts for the written. I had come to this prepared and had studied hard so I decided to take it. It consisted of the 10 question mechanical aptitude test and the 50 question FAR test. The mechanical stuff make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER so if you can get a gouge (I had heard there was one out there somewhere), I highly suggest it. The FAR/AIM stuff is very straightforward. Study the Gliem book on all the regs, weather, aerodynamics, and IFR stuff and you will be fine. There was nothing with a graph or a chart so you will not need a calculator. There were questions of flag carriers and that kind of stuff so look carefully over that. They said that they would let us know in the next couple of weeks weather or not we were invited back for the HR/Tech/Sim check part of the interview. When you turned in your test you were asked for a resume then back outside for more meet/greet/questions. They were also offering hanger tours. They said that as long as you passed the test you would be called back for the second part. I saw some people in there though who I would be awfully surprised if they were called back.....a couple of guys were wearing jeans! I left feeling pretty good about the whole thing and then I talked to a guy in the gate area waiting for my flight who had attended the second session. He only had 10 people in his group and Camille Ence (hiring lady) was much more candid with them. She said that over half the people failed the test from the morning session and that they had over 5000 resumes on file from qualified pilots. The competition will be stiff and it looks like they will have no problem finding what they need. I know this wasn't an "interview", but I wanted to post this experience to let others know there is movement at SKW again. There is an open house in LAX next week and then one in Portland the following week. I guess they are invite only and the dates/times are posted on the official website. Good luck!
"US Air thing"

I guess maybe the water has been in my ears from being in the pool, but could somebody fill me in on what was happening with US Air and Skywest?
It appears to be rather dormant. After 2 months of negotiations, the proposal was not satisfactory to 78% of the SkyWest pilots who voted. I believe the changes that would be necessary to make it palatable to the SkyWest pilots would make it unpalatable to USAirways mainline folks.

Recent news reports have indicated there is not a single carrier, among the 6-7 considering the proposal, that will actually implement the deal.

Thanks Andy...

... and here's where you can call me stupid - but I'm not even sure I heard what the "deal" was to begin with. Code share? Buyout? I'm holding on to the rudder here... ;)
The "deal" better known as Jets for Jobs or J4J was that the USAir MEC would relax their scope provisions IF the carrier flying the additional jets would offer 1/2 the captain seats and 1/2 the FO seats on the additional jets would be filled with USAir mainline pilots who had been furloughed. The mainline folks would come in with newhire seniority but would be paid according to USAir DOH. Captain seats vacated by USAir mainline guys would be offered to USAir pilots filling the carrier's FO seats first.

As far as SkyWest went, the positives were continued growth (or reduced growth abatement), increased exposure to a new market, and spreading our risk among three instead of two code shares.

The negative was corruption of our seniority system (by placing USAir folks in the left seat as newhires and by giving the FO's preference to the vacated left seats) and the attendant risk of effects set by such a precedence if Delta and United wanted similar deals.

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