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SkyWest written tests at open house

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Mar 3, 2002
Andy (or anyone else):

I just wanted to verify that pilot attendees of the employee referral fairs will actually take the written tests at the fair. I was surprised to read your earlier post, as my sponsor said the purpose of the fair was for information only. Do you know when the testing will take place? I always thought that I'd have until the actual interview to study.

Also, do you know if they are graded pass/fail or if the actual score gets factored into the hiring decision. I'm pretty sure that I could get a 70 or better without reviewing my ATP stuff--but if a 98 will make for an easier interview or help the process in any way, then I'd like to take off Monday and Tuesday to prepare.

If a high 90's score does actually help, what do you think about asking to wait until the interview to take the test? Does passing the tests at the fair make for a higher spot on the interview list?

Sorry for all the anal questions -- seemingly small issues can feel pretty big when you're outside looking in.

Thanks for your time in replying!

Written Test

Hi Calpilot,

Last I heard about the test was to be ready for the test but don't expect it. I was told that they weren't sure if they were going to give the test or not. They were waiting to see how many pilot attendees were going to show up. I would say the higher the score the better. I'm pretty sure they take that in account of your interviewing process.

When you study the ATP written don't worry about the refer to figure questions or the performance questions on the other airplanes. I took it in OCT and and none of those type questions were on it. One question that I was surprised to see was a flag air carrier question and also had a GPS question as well.

One thing to remember is to follow the instructions. They may have 1-50 questions but the first question could be number 5 in the testing book number 2 question could be number 10 in the testing book. You could'nt believe how many people bomb the written because they didn't follow the instructions.

Good Luck
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Last August when we had open houses, pilot applicants could take the test (and the tech eval and sim eval) if they wanted or wait for a "formal" interview instead. I fully expect that if you show up at the open house with the minimums, you will have a good shot a getting an interview scheduled and, if you WANT to, can take the written on the spot. If you are not prepared to take the written at the time, I wouldn't worry about it - just tell them you would prefer to do it as part of your interview.

Scores don't come into play beyond pass fail for the most part. If you were borderline in another area, a strong score could keep you afloat (or a weak score could sink you) I would imagine.

Good luck.
Could you please provide any info on skywest open house? Where? When? Who can attain? Does this coast any fee? or how can I go the open house?

Thanks in advance
The three fair dates are:

Salt Lake City Hangar, 1129 North 3950 West
March 6
10 am - 2 pm with presentations at 10 and noon. (The times are the same for all three)

Los Angeles, Renaissance Hotel LA, 9620 Airport Blvd.
March 13

Portland, OR, Embassy Suites Hotel, 7900 Northeast 82nd Ave
March 20

At each place, there will be general presentations at 10:00 am and noon with job specific presentations to follow.

Each person attending MUST bring a letter of referral from ANY SkyWest employee.

There is one coast involved (since LAX and PDX are on the west coast) but there is no cost involved.

You are welcome after the fact.
Skywest written test at open house

Hi guy's,

I am going to the open house at the LAX location next week. I think Andy is right, you are given the option to either take the written or not. But here is something to consider. I interviewed at Allegheny in Jan, took their ATP mini exam, and aced it. I then had a great one on one with CP, and answered all of his oral ?? correctly. I met their requirements. But then he showed me the huge stack of resumes. I didn't get the job. Point is, you could do well with the written, mechanical test, sim ride, and even the interview itself, and still not get the job. It's just luck of the draw right now. That's probably why airlines like Skywest are now requiring a sponser/into letter. That in it self is not easy to get. You really have to have had a relationship with an employee. It seems to me that the bar keeps raising to get one of these jobs. Anyway, its worth it, and I hope we all do well.

Your friend,

referral job fair

Hi Andy,

I am trying to get into the fair on the 20th. My problem is that I can't locate the one connection that I have at SkyWest. The pilot's name is John Rowe. He used to be an instructor of mine during my CFI-training. Would you maybe know of a way how I could get in touch with him?

Thanks in advance for any input.
finding pilot

I could get a hold of John if you wanted to forward your contact information to me. You could pm it to me if you want and I will pass the info...
Finding John Rowe

spitfiremk8, I past on the info you sent me. Hopefully he will call you soon.

Good luck
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