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Skywest Poolies

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
What kind of time did recent skywest pilots get hired with?
Experience? Anyone know how many they might be hiring this year?
I interviewed in October and was hired with about 1400tt and 135 multi. The other guys that got hired that day had about the same total, but one guy had about 600 multi. There was also a TWA guy there that I think got hired and he had a ton of time.

I haven't heard anything about their hiring plans. In October they made it sound like they planned on hiring a whole lot of pilots.

Has anyone heard anything about ground school dates? I know the one on Jan. 2nd is on, but there are some rumors about when the next one might be.
Last I heard there were about 90 in the pool, and the Jan. 2nd class would be lowering that number. I don't know how reliable my source is though (it was not directly from the company). Good luck to you if you apply, SkyWest seems to be one of the best places to be right now.
Thanks, I have my application in there now, and just waiting for a call hopefully. I fly at a regional now but would like to get back to the west coast and skywest seems like one of the best regionals to work for. How was the interview? What did it consist of?
thanks again
What ever happened to people getting called for an interview based on the Skywest point system? You can't tell me that someone with 1400 tt and 200 multi has gained more points than someone with 1800 tt, 800 multi, to include 700 121 turbine ME..
I too am curious if the point system is still in use at SKW. I don't really think its going to help me out at 1200/600 but it's always good to understand how a company operates. If not the point system then I am sure we are all curious as to the new modus operandi . Perhaps Andy can shed some light on this for us if he is around.
from what i've seen lately, the point system is still in use..... but, you've got a lot of high time ex-skywester's coming back to interview after being furloughed elsewhere. also, a couple letters o' sunshine from current employee's help's a bunch to get called. happy new year to all and best of luck.. -sr. :cool:
When someone gets wind of the newhire domiciles, can you pass it along.


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