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SkyWest Poolie No More!

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Chicago Style
Nov 28, 2001
Hey all,

The good news: got the call from Ashley a few minutes ago for the go-ahead on the Mar. 27 class. I'll be there. Finally.

The bad news: I've got to drive from ATL to SLC and take a 50% pay cut per hour.

The good news: I don't really care. I'm proud to be part of the SkyWest team. See you all there.

Tailwinds...! :D

I am attending one of the open houses this month and hope to get an interview. That right there will make my whole year. I take things one step at a time. I know several Skywest pilots, and they love it there. I hope to be lucky enough to be a part of that team. From what I hear, you'll be glad that you are at Skywest. Good luck in class.
See you on the 27th!

Got my call this morning too... Talk about a "wake up call". I should probably figure out how to fly again now ;)
She said there were 24 getting the call for this class. I don't think there will be 24 happier people in Utah on the morning of the 27th!
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Congrats g159av8tor!!!
With G-I and Lear time and living near ATL, you wouldn't be currently working for Phoenix Air would you??? I have a couple friends over there...just curious....T

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