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Dec 21, 2001
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SkyWest pilots - are there any of you on this board? We would like to hear about your schedules, what works at your airline and what doesn't. Lets do our own little best practices study. What do you and the the folks in your crew lounge think of this airline acquisition?


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Nov 26, 2001
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...not to steal the thread, but this is a good place to add that I, for one, am looking forward to the closing and working alongside SkyWest pilots and other groups as well.


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Oct 20, 2002
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Im no expert, but been here for 5 years and like the place.
Former EMB capt, and now capt on the CRJ 200/700.
Been in 4 of our domiciles, PSP, DEN, IAH and now ORD.
Ask me some specific questions?
Schedules have always been a mix of locals, stand ups, 3 and 4 day trips and 2 day back to backs.
PBS is being foisted upon us, so no clue what the schedules will be like when we have to use this system to bid.
What other questions?


Nov 26, 2001
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First off - welcome aboard. I look forward to the two groups coming together to act as one and make this the best airline anywhere. SKYW - we know what we need to do...

As far as my lifestyle, I am in the top 27% of all FO's on the RJ (the 50 seater :) ) and I am in the top 25% in SLC. I can't hold 3 day trips, but I can hold back to back 2 days, which I actually enjoy. My last trip was a 1300 check in with a 1400 release the next day. Overnight was in MSO (one of my favorites). I enjoy travel on DAL and UAL. Man, this sounds like the dating game :D

The impression I get is that we are absolutely happy to have you join us. As a pilot group we hope we can band together and be the strongest pilot group in the industry, so lets do it. We have been given an oportunity so we need to take advantage of it. Glad to have you - lets party



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Dec 10, 2001
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First off, welcome. This purchase scares us as much as it scares you guys but all the info out that we received thus far has eased a lot of fears for both pilot groups. All that I have talked to are happy that we will be operating as separate companies. I don't know a good way to integrate a seniority list without making at least one person mad. The way I see it, for now, is that only the parent company has changed. The buzz about whipsaw I hope never happens, we want your higher 70 seat wage and you want our higher 50 seat wage. My personal opinion from crew lounge chatter is that we will be attempting unionization sooner rather than later. As pilots we enjoy travel benefits with both delta and united no matter where your domicile is. The ground folks based strictly in delta cities (slc) don't get the united bennies. Delta bennies are free and ual's cost a bit but are cheap...(sfo-sea economy $13.14, first class $20.79, lax-ord economy $18.50, sfo-ogg economy $25.92). These are just a few examples but obviously there is a LOT that management has to do before they get to working on travel bennies. Our latest from the travel dept. says they obviously want to look at both companies, find the best deals from each, and wammo, use those for everyone. As far as skywest bennies its obviously free for family but since the IRS dipped their greedy hands into this area the buddy passes have gone up in price. It's now $30 each leg. Schedules are changing all the time. Last year they really sucked but since we reinstated the domicile reps to tweak things they've improved greatly. Preferential bidding went live in two domiciles this month and will continue to spread system wide over the next few months. The jury is still out on whether this will be good or bad for us. My guess is that it will reward seniority and really suck for junior folks. Lets hope for the best for both pilot groups and companies.




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Oct 4, 2004
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:cool: Thanks for the kind welcome! I hope that the two pilot groups can come together with a union and make us one HUGE pilot group. Look forward to talking to the folks throughout the system to see what their take on this is. I hope that everyone see's the true potential we have IF we were able to come together as ONE VOICE!

Fly Safe!


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Jul 19, 2005
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Is Skywest a member of the CASS?

No Delay

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May 26, 2004
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well, one thing is for sure...we are all in this together. I know their is a lot of uncertainty for all. I think it is sad that so many see this as a bad thing. I really think this could be better. Most people I have talked with who work for Skywest seem to be happy.

My hopes are that Skywest bought us with the intentions of making us a great company. I really don't think their plan is to whipsaw and tear us down...just doesn't make sense.

I think we all should start with a clean slate and have a positive least until the new management proves otherwise.


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Oct 8, 2002
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Just stay off the BRO. Here is my most recent trip:

##### Report: 05:44
Flight CS Tail Orig Dest Dep Arr Pax Block Credt D/PU Dhd Turn
1. 6205 N295SW FAT SFO 06:26 07:16 14 00:50 00:52 01:38
2. 6224 N271YV SFO MRY 08:54 09:40 14 00:46 00:46 00:15
3. 6062 N271YV MRY LAX 09:55 11:23 23 01:28 01:28 01:33
4. 6078 N569SW LAX IPL 12:56 13:56 11 01:00 00:57
Day Total: 04:04 04:08 Duty: 08:27
Release: #### Hotel: ########### Layover: 15:19
######### Report: 05:30
Flight CS Tail Orig Dest Dep Arr Pax Block Credt D/PU Dhd Turn
5. 6068 N250YV IPL SAN 05:58 06:37 12 00:39 00:39 00:36
6. 6068 N250YV SAN LAX 07:13 07:54 29 00:41 00:43 00:29
7. 6066 N250YV LAX SAN 08:23 09:15 29 00:52 00:43 00:18
8. 6066 N250YV SAN LAX 09:33 10:22 29 00:49 00:49 00:21
9. 6107 N250YV LAX OXR 10:43 11:13 7 00:30 00:29 00:23
10. 6107 N250YV OXR LAX 11:36 12:18 23 00:42 00:42 00:52
11. 6128 N250YV LAX ONT 13:10 13:52 34 00:42 00:42
Day Total: 04:55 04:47 Duty: 08:37
Release: 14:07/# Hotel:############### Layover: 14:38
####### Report: 04:45
Flight CS Tail Orig Dest Dep Arr Pax Block Credt D/PU Dhd Turn
12. 6089 N298SW ONT LAX 05:13 05:39 28 00:26 00:29 01:41
13. 6134 N223SW LAX YUM 07:20 08:28 4 01:08 01:08 00:15
14. 6134 N223SW YUM LAX 08:43 09:54 19 01:11 01:11 02:02
15. 6140 N298SW LAX YUM 11:56 13:01 9 01:05 01:05 00:14
16. 6140 N298SW YUM LAX 13:15 14:26 5 01:11 01:11
Day Total: 05:01 05:04 Duty: 09:56
Release: 14:41/# Hotel: ################### Layover: 15:59
######## Report: 06:40
Flight CS Tail Orig Dest Dep Arr Pax Block Credt D/PU Dhd Turn
17. 6085 N568SW LAX MRY 07:10 08:29 22 01:19 01:16 02:23
18. 6225 N568SW MRY SFO 10:52 11:40 30 00:48 00:34 00:35
19. 6183 N568SW SFO ACV 12:15 13:43 24 01:28 01:13 00:18
20. 6183 N568SW ACV SFO 14:01 15:09 29 01:08 01:13 00:30
21. 6191 N568SW SFO ACV 15:39 16:45 28 01:06 01:13 00:18
22. 6191 N568SW ACV SFO 17:03 18:07 15 01:04 01:13 00:27
23. 6186 N568SW SFO FAT 18:34 19:30 26 00:56 00:56
Day Total: 07:49 08:21 Duty: 13:05
Release: 19:45/#
Totals: Report 05:44/# Release 19:45/#Block 21:49 Credit 22:20 TAFB 86:01

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Dec 19, 2001
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Leather jackets and no hats at OO. Hats are like FOD and can get sucked into engines.

that's a good management practice.

We like everyone for the most part except those who have user names that look like moustaches and go by the name fins. ;)


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Dec 15, 2001
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Willy21 said:
Is Skywest a member of the CASS?
Not yet but we are apparently very close. Just waiting on an IT solution for verification, I think.

miles otoole

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May 7, 2004
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Try to remember these posts a year from now-Kumbayahhhh. At that time , I wonder how many knock down, drag out, fist fights there will be in SLC, ORD or ATL. ALPA or no ALPA.


Jul 5, 2003
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Welcome to the family ASA guys, we're glad that you've joined us. I think you will be treated fairly by management. It would be foolish for them to buy you guys and then treat you badly. What I like about SKYW is that most people here have a really positive attitude and that makes work really enjoyable. But like any company, you'll find people who are complainers, very few though. Depending where you're based, a lot of the younger/newer guys are in ORD and DEN, while the older/senior people are out along the west coast and in SLC. The crews are really fun to be around, and great people on overnights.

The travel bennies are not as good on DL as what you guys had. We only have 3 free days of international travel on S3, and I think you guys had like 18 S3 and 6 S2 or something like that. But look on the bright side, at least now you'll get UAL bennies. UAL mainline charges by fee per mile + tax. Free travel on UEX carriers.


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Mar 2, 2002
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working together

I am optimistic about the future of both of our companies and I'm glad to be on board. As an ASA pilot, I have been conditioned as others in my company to be very wary and distrustful of ANYTHING, repeat ANYTHING management says.

It seems that SKYW pilots have a better relationship with management than ASA and I wish SKYW would clean house over at our offices.

I hope that we are entering a new era of cooperation instead of confrontation (ie. ASA crew scheduling)

We BOTH need to do what is neccessary to guarantee QOL and pay in the coming years for BOTH pilot groups. Lets not let the company use us against each other.

Having said that, I am cautiously optimistic and glad to be here.


IS PBS even a licensed software product yet? I heard it was some Dixie college grads that knew Jerry's kids. There is no mention in the pamphlet about who the design group might be? The lowest bitter bidder??? lol...maybe with some real representation we can do some whipsawing of our own in a few months.