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Skywest Numbers

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Nov 26, 2001
Can anyone tell me the current number of pilots at Skywest?

I have heard they are going to add 300-400 pilots next year and I am trying to figure out how big of an expansion that will be.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Cool deal. Thanks for the help.

I am just tyring to figure out my options given my current situation. The company I am presently furloughed from is rumored to be expanding soon and I wanted to find out if we will be expanding more than Skywest (percentage wise) or not.

Of course, if the company that owns us goes under soon then it really doesn't matter.....:p
As I understand it, Skywest is still hiring, (well interviewing anyway). I think there was just a class but it was all poolies. Hopefully it will ramp up here in the very near future. Got my resume on file, just waitin' for the call. Good luck to all.

skywest is hiring now. i've seen all the guys in suits standing around looking nervous at the hanger. we're hiring for classes that start next year. i'm pretty sure that all the interviews are booked until the first of the year. good luck to everyone... -sr.
I've been in the pool for two months and was told that the next EMB-120 classes would start in the beginning and at the end of January.

This is what I have herd.
Those that are in the pool right now have been in for 2 months give or take a month at the most. They are still interviewing people. I do not know when they submitted there resume' or how long ago. I do know on the books they have a class of 30 newhires for the Brasilia on Jan. 2. Another class of 30 for Jan. 28th I think what ever that Wed. would be. The plan is to have at least 3 new jets coming on line each month all next year, with a some months taking up to 6 RJs. It depends allot on United and what they are going to give us for Shuttle routes in CA. I know AirWisky will be pulling there RJs out of CA when Canada can make ours. I hear AirWisky will be putting some RJs where the 328 is flying know.(I herd this from airwisky pilots out of Denver) Delta has on the books 20 RJs based out of DAL by Feb. 1 Some of the flights will be over flights that ASA and Comair fly. We think That ASA and Comair will over fly some of our routes but the reason is Delta whants protection from another strike. Delta know that SkyWest will not strike because we are not Union. Any ways 300-400 is a good number to count on for next year, 80% will be because of growth and the other 20% for atrition. I know 6 guys right now that are hired by SouthWest and are waiting a class date. Good luck coming to SkyWest, it is a great place to work. You cann't beat the destinations(Santa Barbra, San Diego, LAX, SAN Fran, Montrey, Portland, Seattle, Jackson Hole, Denver, Durango and of course St George UT) Great managment that treats us as fair as an airline can and still make money. Anyways its a great palce to work and when you get here for the interview you will know exactly what I mean.

Can you confirm or deny that the next two classes will definately be EMB-120 classes. That's the welcome aboard packet I'd received, but I still hope for the CL-65. Also, I understand the seat lock for the first year, but what are the requirements to transition aircraft? Flight time? Seniority? What about upgrade time and its requirements for the RJ or EMB?

Since they shut down the newhire BB, I've got no source for accurate info and you have good info. Nobody here in ATL knows much about SkyWest. Just want to pick your brain and satisfy my anxiety.


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