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SKYwest new PayScales

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"• Reclassification of Pay Scales"

"{In response to feedback from our pilots indicating that pay scales should not be defined by seating ranges, SAPA proposed a reclassification of pay scales. The company has agreed to eliminate the 50-99 seat scale and replace it with a CL-65 scale; to eliminate the Turboprop scale and replace it with an EMB-120 scale; and to eliminate the 100-149 seat scale.}"

SGU knows that 100 plus seat aircraft need to wait until one or more majors take a dump. Why else lock down the next 5 or so years worth of flying with the CL-65 type. They don't want to waste time talking 100 seat scales when they are not in the immediate future. United has already deterred us from retiring at least one Brasildoe so don't think the Q-400 is in range

Who is to say SkyWest INC. won't start an LLC and call it SapaHO-Jets and anyone that wants to apply can apply. They are in business to make money and have fun. They don't want to give their pilots ample compensation for 20 million or more a quarter. They just spent it all on ASA. (jk)

If management gave raises for working hard then we would all be happy. IF making 20 million a quarter isn't enough money to merit a raise then what is? Holy Cow@! When will be the right time to get a real contract with real pay increases and work rule improvements.


VOTE &*@)# NO! Get a pair SAPA
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Bluto said:
I wonder what has happened to management's pay over the last 4 years..

I love your signature by the way.

Vote no....

What are you guys going to do when they shove it down your throats anyway?

Thanks for contributing. Hopefully, a strong no-vote will convince our mgmt that we don't consider this agreement acceptable. How they respond will determine whether or not our current representative structure is sufficient. Of course, if we were as wise and intelligent as you, apparently, we would just give up since we have no hope of making things better for ourselves.
I didn't say give up.

Just organize like you tightwads should have done in the first place.

But now, since yoy have "such a good relationship with management" you don't need one.


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