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I'm back!
Nov 28, 2001
Total Time
I never found out about my test results from the PDX fair. I have contacted them once via e-mail and was told that there were unsent letters still. This has been almost a month. Oh well, I guess they lost my info and have no desire to do anything about that. I feel kind of like I got screwed. I know many people who attended those fairs and they all were notified whether they passed or failed the writtens. I went in there with times not too much higher than the minimums, but I had the times. I realize that I am a small fish swimming in a big pond with bigger fish out there, but I should've at least received a letter saying that I passed or not. I know I passed those tests. I guess I will wait until someone else starts hiring. Good luck to anyone that got their test results and are waiting for a call.