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SkyWest interviews

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Well-known member
Dec 18, 2001
Went to the LAX Fair. Got a call to schedule an interview later this month. Has anyone interviewed recently and care to share their experiences and any gouge?
Why would you want to leave ACA?

Not that we are utopia, but if you're a J-41 CA already, its just a matter of logging some more PIC time & getting a break somewhere until you're at the majors.

Go to Skywest and you'll be on the back page of the seniority list.

Possibly you want to make your commute easier from the West Coast? Good luck - regardless. I'm sure with your qualifications you'll get in. And then I'll move up one seniority # :)

Two words: Commuting Sucks
Three words: ACA's Schedules Suck.
Three more words: Reserve Buckets Suck.
Why would you want to leave ACA?

Not that we are utopia, but if you're a J-41 CA already, its just a matter of logging some more PIC time & getting a break somewhere until you're at the majors.

I would leave ACA because of the continuous degradation of quality of Life, Schedules, Contract Abuses, READY RESERVE, domiciles, Payroll issues, Leave of absence denials, very poor crew planning, "crew dependability programs" "what - If" bulletins, company always in crisis mode - no real planning. The company cannot keep going this way. The problem is that ACA would rather produce an inferior product and cut costs by accepting attrition and poor quality of life than to work hard at producing a quality product by retaining quality people. The company hires good people, but how can you expect them to do quality work with poor planning and continual crisis mode.
More importantly - I live in Utah and have a very good life out there and I want it back. Yes I will be at the bottom of the list and subject to reserve and contract abuses and poor schedules as before but at the end of the day I can go to my own private hangar, get in my Stinson, fly into the backcountry of Idaho or Utah and camp out under the stars. Try doing this in Virginia. If it does not work out with SkyWest I will be glad to still work at ACA as there are a lot worse place to work.

I don't blame you at all. I agree 110% with everything you said.

It is amazing how friends I have on the outside, CFIs & whatnot, they look at ACA, and they think it is a great place to be. Well, you and I know first hand how that isn't so. Don't believe the myth. ACA definitely has its issues, and I hope the co. will address them, though my faith declines every month.

Good luck in your SkyWest interview. Check out www.aviationinterviews.com. Also see if the WFFF side is still up; I think I ran across it a few months ago.

Take 'er easy.

ATC 810 on Right Coast

Thanks for the info. But before this becomes an ACA bitch session I mostly want to know about the simulator sessions. Also if anyone out there knows where I can find an ATC-810 simulator on the East coast, especailly in the Washington DC area, I would greatly appreciate it.

grass is always greener...

blueridger... i know it may not be great at ACA, but it will be a long time before you get PIC time at skywest. the upgrades are moving up to about 3-4 years now as many brasilia captains are coming over to the jet. you'll upgrade quicker in the RJ now than the brasilia (we are retiring the e-120's). don't get me wrong, skywest is a great company. if your plan is to eventually move on to a 'major', i'd stay put. i don't your situation and what not.... but if it were me.... best of luck whatever you do. -sr.
when did you get your interview request? Snail mail, e-mail or telephone, how much lead time?

By phone on Friday. 2 weeks or so.

Blue Ridger,

Check A.T.C. Flight Training Center located at Potomac Airfield (VKX). They use to have an ATC 810 Sim several years ago. I'm not sure if they still have it. They can be reached at 301-248-1480 or http://www.lrn2fly.com/lrn2fly/

Potomac Airfield is located just south of Andrews Airforce Base and south east of National.

Good luck at Skywest. I'm kind hoping you get what you want as you maybe one of the many J41 Reserve CAs senior to me.
I know there is one in SLC at American aviation (I think that is the name, I know its not GWA. I think it is next to Huddsen General) I went there the day before my interview. Any sim time will do that is the biggest thing is to get used to the box again. Good Luck, SkyWest is a great company to work for. But we are by no means perfect. Your benni's should be the same. If you have time stop by the E concourse at SLC and stop one of us, we are more then willing to help out.

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