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skywest info ??

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Nov 26, 2001
Does anyone have any info on skywest???
Curious about:
-Happy place???


About 75 Brasilias and 50 CRJs used in codeshare agreements with United and Delta

Delta Brasilia and CRJ: SLC
United CRJ: FAT
United Brasilia: PDX, SMF, MRY, FAT, SBP, SBA, PSP, SAN, and DEN.


January RSMs were 101.9% higher than last year due largely to the dramatic increase in CRJs on property. Another 80 CRJs on the delivery schedule between now and Dec 2004.

Happier than most.

Interview info:

Company website with route maps, etc.:
Sorry to bother you, but which domicile is farthest east ? im not familiar with any of the 3 letter identifiers.

Thanks again


Are there any plans for this summer maybe for any open houses considering projected hiring plans?

Funny you should mention that. There are going to be three recruiting open houses in March that will include pilot recruiters. They are being billed as Friends and Family events designed to bring in folks already tied in with SkyWest employees. It is not clear to me whether you need a reference letter to get in or not.

Here is the info:

All locations will be open 10 am to 2 pm with general presentations at 10 and noon and specific area presentations (pilot, ramp, mechanic, customer service) following.

Wed Mar 6
Salt Lake City
SkyWest Hangar and Training Center
1129 North 3950 West

Wed Mar 13
Los Angeles
Rennaissance Hotel
9620 Airport Blvd

Wed Mar 20
Portland, OR
Embassy Suites Hotel
7900 Northeast 82nd Ave
Thanks, I live in Portland. I do know some Skywest employees, both pilots, and ramp personel. That would be nice to talk to someone.

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