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SkyWest has resumed interviewing

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Hosed COEX

No, ->I<- am Tiger Woods
Feb 21, 2002
A buddy of mine was called to interview with SkyWest on 9/4. He was at the March SLC open house. That should be good news for those in the pool or hoping to get called for interview.
I can't wait to go to Salt Lake City!

What were his times? Any 121 experience?:)

hopefully it is true! I went to the LAX job fair in march and have been hoping to hear something. So maybe I will get an interview finally. Was your friend who got called a furloughed CoEx or Eagle guy? Of all of the 5 people I went to the job fair with 3 of them just got on with ACA and the other is in the pool at Trans States. So it makes me wonder how many people from the job fairs are still looking for work? there were close to 200 people at the mLAX job fair in march...
It was a rumor but.....

As I understand it, United showed up in HDQ about two weeks ago for a big wig meeting. The next day, all of the Skywest big wigs had a meeting. The day following that, the training department was told to run full schedule on training, i.e., two full CRJ transition/upgrade classes(15 Capts, 15 FO's) a month in addition to new hire classes being scheduled AND we recieved word about new routes out of DEN starting in Oct/Nov. To make things better, the check [airmen] that i have talked to confirmed this and also stated that the Sept 9th class would include CRJ new hires. As always take this with a grain of salt, it was a rumor. However, the new training schedules and transition classes seem to verfiy it.

Good times ahead............................
My friend who got the interview was another furloughed COEX guy - about 2000 hours and little turbine experience since he had not been with COEX that long.

What are the realistic requirements for Skywest? I've heard that they won't even look at you if you don't have someone on the inside walk in your resume. Any truth to that?
I dont know about realistic mins but I seriously doubt that they are going to run short of candidates from the open houses earlier in the year. I would imagine (speculation only) that off the street interviewing wont start until near to the end of the year.
From what I assume, the job fairs are most likely on hold for PILOTS. They got more or less 500 guys and gals that took the written. I think that will pretty much stock SkyWest up on options for quite a while, but who knows. As far as getting an interview off the street, who know's again. I don't think getting your resume walked in is the absolute here. I had mine walked in by a Chief Pilot and two line pilots. I'm still waiting. Looks promising though with all the machinery hopefully started up again!!
For interview info and a schedule of job fairs/testing schedule (none scheduled as of now) go to the website skywestpilot.com
Also, it is not true that you need your resume walked in by a pilot, but recommendations from two captains will definitely speed things along. Turbine time and prior 135/121 time seem to be the key in getting an interview.

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