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Skywest buying somebody??

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Nov 26, 2001
There is a rumour running around saying that skywest is very close to making a deal on someone, they flat out denied it was AirWhiskey..but of course, refused to say who..

anyone has any thoughts?

I would have to say this is a possibility,but who knows what
to believe right now...since airwhiz is a united affiliate as well
maybe they it would be a good fit...where did you hear this
rumor? thx, JP
one more thought?

It looks like Skywest is going to run classes through the
fall and get back to hiring again, maybe this is a result of
such an agreement? JP
I don't know about that.......

Why would SkyWest want to buy AirWis when our pilot group, flight attendants, and rampers are unionized? Besides... we get to keep our pay (and contract) if we get sold. Sounds like a big hassle to me.

There is a reason they are called rumours and not fact. While I have no crystal ball, I have not heard anything of that nature, and I fly for SkyWest.
Nope it doesn't look like they will be buying anyone any time soon. I checked the SEC 10K, 8k, and S-1 capital filings (that's where you'll find info on mergers, buyouts, acquisitions, and capital raising efforts) nothing there. Unless you know something the SEC doesn't.
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United chapter 7/11 BK = SkyWest buying National + soon to be ex-UAL 737's in the desert = one hell of a force in the West.

SkyWest has about $600 million cash in 'da bank and very good access to the equity markets.

Just dreaming out load.


P.S. I don't wish UAL going chapter 7/11 it just seems inevitable.
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Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines would be a good buy, they could really dominate the west then! Just rumor.
Alaska huh, Paul? Well, we will see. SkyWest (OO) doesn't do ANYTHING unless it is a very sound, conservative business venture. That's one reason they are a successful regional carrier. I worked there for almost four years and there were rumors about OO buying the Trans States West Coast division, then OO buying Air 21 (out of FAT), then OO buying WestAir, then OO buying WinAir (also out of FAT), then Comair buying OO. Listen carefully gang, it was said, "You can believe it when it is parked on the ramp, and it has 'SkyWest' painted on the tail." Otherwise it was just fodder for the crew lounge.

BTW, I enjoyed working there. If you're going to work for a regional, then I cannot think of a better one to work for. Great people, great bases, great flying (overnights in MRY, CIC, JAK... just to name a few.) F/As tend to be "floozies"... oops, wait, I married one... never mind.


P.S. The EKO overnights were good too... "Winner!! 9!! Pay the line!! Nine, Nine, center field nine!!":D

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