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Titanium Necked Bandit
Jan 20, 2002
Just a general call to see how everyone is doing.
Company recalled 3 as of today and 3 as of the 23rd, 6 more to be recalled as of the 29th.
I believe tha puts the recall list around #210 or so...
57 more and we'll be whole again.
Just a quick question? Were you in a class that was furloughed or were you flying the line. Just curious I was in the Sept. 17 class and was wondering what everybody was doing.
Chops I was in class on 9/17 along with you and so were a couple other people on this bord. I know that two others as well as myself were able to find 135 freight jobs. One of those guys did get hired by Piedmont and he starts class there in the middle of May. Have you found anything since then?
Skyway happenings...

Jobear and others...

On the topic of what people are up to - I'm from the May class, and I know one person went to FlightSafety to work, a few others are working the ramp in MKE until they get recalled, and we lost a few to ANG/military duty. I think (although I'm not sure) that someone also went to Chicago Express from my class.

As far as the outlook, I don't know much, but while the news of recall is good (they are at least into the May class with the most recent bunch of recalls), I think the next six months will be kinda rough.

Fairchild-Dornier is "insolvent" (german for bankrupt) and looking for an investor to re-organize. This happened last week, and the immediate outcome appears to be Skyway won't be getting the additional jets it expected to receive in the 4Q '02, and the cash settlement which has remained undisclosed as part of the 428 lawsuit is probably gone too.

Add to this the fact that the ERJ's are pushed back till 2004 (at least?) -- not a rosy picture for any _additional_ recalls soon. The most recent newsline message still talks of fleet development, but honestly, unless you increase the amount of flying that everyone is doing, how can you grow the fleet without, well, growing the fleet?

Argh. As you can tell, I'm a little bitter over here. Don't mean to rain on anyone's parade - believe me, the news of recalls is outstanding - I just wish the prospects looked better for the next 6 - 9 months...

Take care,
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You all seem to have the scoop. Looks like no more Dojets. I have heard rumors off Jungle jet sooner than 04. But don't count on it till you see them on the ramp in skyway colors. After the jet class at the end of April the jet will be staffed at 46 FO's and about the same number of captain. I'm not sure how well the 1900 is staffed. I know fly is picking up but its not going happen to fast for you guys at the bottom till those jungle jets come.

Good Luck all, hope to see you around ops soon
Fr8 dog, I got my CFI job back and have been doing that since we got fuloughed. I've been looking for new jobs and haven't had much luck. I haven't checked out the freight scene quite yet but am looking to in the near future. If you hear of anything send it my way. Are you flying out of MKE with freight runners?

Brew3 pretty much got all the gouge, as for me I was in the July class and just returned from from furlough and another trip to the sim should start back online soon.
I did read an article given to me by another pilot the said Bombardier(sp) might be looking into helping out Fairchild-Dornier with some Money, Take that with a grain of salt though.
Good Luck to all

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