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Sky King info?

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I can't imagine why. And as far as where I should be, if you mean "employed," then I am in agreement.
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This is my sixth.

Wait, had to modify that - actually seventh air carrier, but so far ONLY FIVE have failed.
WOW Hoek,,, what has he done to cause this opinion of Capt S?

hhmmm do tell. does it include rodents, strippers or exwives?

just wondering?????????
  • Interviewing next week for Oct 5th start date
  • 3 weeks Ground School Lakeland, FL- $100 per diem per day/No Pay/No Hotel
  • Bid for base while in Ground School (Miami or Atlantic City)
  • Bid for Sim Training slot while in Ground School
  • 2 weeks Sim in Miami – $100 per diem per day/No Pay/Hotel paid for during sim if Atlantic City based
  • 60 hour guarantee @ $58.32
  • Upgrade eligible after a year (Seat Lock)
  • Currently 15 on/15 off
  • Proposed 30 on/30 off for potential military contracts in Europe
  • 6-10 pilots total for Oct 5th class
  • Approx 20 total additional pilots by year end
  • CASS

Is health insurance available through the company?
Employee pays, after 90 days.

Three 737-400's to be added in the coming months.

Duats...I realize the employee is paying, but what is the approximate cost per month for a family of 4? Just a ball park figure, if you happen to know.

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