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Sky King info?

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Apr 23, 2009
Sky King is a supplemental 121 carrier with some older 737's and at least one 767. They are hiring F/o's. Anyone know about the quality of life issues: pay, benefits, schedules and such?
From what I've heard from their crewmembers, you'll be lucky to paid on time, everytime. Isn't SkyKing under bankruptcy protection?
Yes, but so were Delta, United, Continental, etc etc etc.

Any answers to the original question would be appreciated.
Yes, but operating and I think doing a better job of things lately. Trying to get 767 back, as always in aviation believe it when it's leaking oil on your ramp. Bankruptcy is true however I think they will eventually exit. Two major business units are doing well, with occasional ad hoc work. For me, the schedule is really good so I have had excellent QOL for the three short months I've been on line. It is not Cathay Pacific, but it's clearly better than unemployment.
  • Interviewing next week for Oct 5th start date
  • 3 weeks Ground School Lakeland, FL- $100 per diem per day/No Pay/No Hotel
  • Bid for base while in Ground School (Miami or Atlantic City)
  • Bid for Sim Training slot while in Ground School
  • 2 weeks Sim in Miami – $100 per diem per day/No Pay/Hotel paid for during sim if Atlantic City based
  • 60 hour guarantee @ $58.32
  • Upgrade eligible after a year (Seat Lock)
  • Currently 15 on/15 off
  • Proposed 30 on/30 off for potential military contracts in Europe
  • 6-10 pilots total for Oct 5th class
  • Approx 20 total additional pilots by year end
  • CASS
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