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"Sit back, relax, enjoy the flight"

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Phony Marconi

Well-known member
Oct 22, 2005
WHY does everyone say this?

PLEASE stop....it's so trite.... and insulting, too.

Borne of an era when seats actually reclined, service allowed for relaxation, and air travel was enjoyable.

Now, it's just annoying filler on an otherwise uninspired PA announcement.
I agree. It makes you sound like you're a phony marconi.
Don't say it

I agree, it sounds really stupid and there are thousands of other unique phrases one could say. For instance "Ladies and Gentlemen ........ and keep it real, peace out."
You're right, from now on I will just say "sit your asses down, shut up and don't complain welcome aboard!"

This thread sucks !

Merry X mas
Agreed, very trite. I never said it for any pax announcements.

I preferred: "Thanks for flying with us."

Always tell the customers you appreciate their biz. And never start a PA with "Well, folks.."
how about if you don't like it don't do it!

I'm glad we have this instruction board to learn from you people.
Cheesy, man. Real cheesy.

It went out with, "hey baby, what's your sign?"
So instead...."please sit there in your tiny seat with the slobbering drunk on your right and the smelly fat Wal-Mart shopper on your left and suffer in silence...You're lucky your ticket was so cheap." Is that better?
"Thanks for shopping for your ticket on priceline, now sit back and enjoy the best that $49.95 can offer"

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