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Single engine turbine vs multi piston

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What's better? Multi-piston OR single turbine?

  • Mutli-piston time

    Votes: 12 57.1%
  • Single turbine time

    Votes: 9 42.9%

  • Total voters


Corporate cog
May 29, 2002
I had a discussion with some friends at the airport last night. It goes along the lines of:

"What's more important, any turbine time or any multi time?".

This, of course, comes from the single-engine turbine vice multi engine piston -- with about 2000TT, 1000PIC, you can get either job pretty easily (this is PIC, not regional airline SIC stuff). You can fly C-208's for a feeder, PC-12's for a local frax outfit, or haul checks and/or pax with many local ME outfits (one runs Baron's, the others 402's). So, with eyes set on big or corporate iron... what do you think looks better on resume? Why? All qualify as either 135 or 121 outfits, so it's good solid time in the book to boot.

Personally, I like the idea of the turbine time -- the local feeder will have you flying in harder conditions, and you have turbine time -- which seems to have a bit more value than multi piston.




MULTI IS MULTI. Period. The piston vs. turbine question is a trade- off. Turbines are actually much easier to fly(comparing the King Air to the Baron that our company owns). Multi is always more demanding than single-engine operation. It all boils down to being ahead of the plane.

As for harder wx with cargo, try flying corporate before you pass judgment. Most corporate px only know when and where they want to be, and give you a glassy-eyed stare as you explain the level 5 squall line on your route. They still expect to go. The pressure to go is still there, just a different form.

Good luck, any job at a quality outfit should provide good experience which is the real goal.
Two is always better than One. I don't care if it burns AvGas, Kerosine, or pure cash!!!!! I had to make that dicision as well and am sure glad I took the Baron over the Caravan.
Multi, of anything

You always want multi PIC. It doesn't matter how it is powered, whether it's recip, turbine, or two rubber bands. Competitive times always seem to adjust the multi total up or down. Ten years ago, 500 hours of multi was the norm. Until the current recession and 911, I've noticed the commuters were hiring with 100 or 200 of multi. Of course, when times are good, the requirements go down.

Good turbine time is always nice to have. But, multi PIC is always preferred.

You might consider an SE turbine job if you have decent multi. I have a friend who had very high total time, something like 8000 hours, but comparitively low multi time, at about 500. He got a job flying Caravan freight and built up 800 SE turbine PIC in a year. He got on with EJA some months ago. Without a doubt, the Caravan time got him through the door.

Now, some people might suggest turbine multi. That would be the best of all worlds. But, be careful how you acquire it. You'll be fine if you acquire it through true paid employment. Any other way might be a disadvantage.
From what I have heard, single turbine is still good if you already have a lot of multi pic..If you already have 500 pic multi, then some turbine single is beneficial.

But a couple hundred or so piston multi counts for more than a couple hundred turbine single. After you get all that, turbine single time can start to open doors for you for turbine jobs since you already have the multi time

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