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Simuflite vs Simcom

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Ride High

Active member
Sep 23, 2005
How would you guys rate the training between the two for a King Air 200. I have about a hundred hours in the airplane but the insurance wants school. Could you guys that have gone to these programs feel me in on the cost difference between the two. This may sound lazy but it beats having to talk to the account salesmen. thanks in advance for the info
I have been to Simcom for the BE20 about 5 or 6 times. The last time was about 3 yrs ago and it was much less than any other facility. Not sure about now (don't fly the BE20 anymore). Training quality was descent.

As far as Simuflite, I have been there twice now, but for the Westwind. I felt the quality of training was about equal. I have also been to Flight Safety and felt their quality of training was not much different.

When recurrent time comes, we usually shop price between FS and Simuflite. Sometimes one is more willing to bargain than the other when pushed a little. You can try this approach for the King Air.
I have been to simcom for the King Air and the Citation. Everyone I know that has been to Flight Safety of SIMUFLITE says the big difference is in the simulator. Simcom has an FTD, non-motion, the others are full motion, so I have been told. Simcom was pretty inexpensive on the KA (6500 bucks ??), if I remember correctly. FWIW, the guy I went to King Air training with said he thought SIMCOM was comparable with the training, with the exception of the sim.
Wemt to Simcom once on the King Air 90 and I knew lots more than the instructor did. FSI is great instruction but pricey. My .02: go to Simuflite.
I've done Simcom for the last 7 years. The instructors are great and they know a lot more than the FSI instructors.

I guess it all depends on who you have for instructors. I've had some great ones.
I've been to Simcom for the BE20. My instructor had flown the plane for 20 years and was a DE for quite some time. He knew everything there was to know about the King Air. I've been to one other school, RTC, that was not that great. My instructor had 350 hours. Needless to say, the instruction suffered.
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Simuflite or Simcom

Best flight training schools
4.Self-Training Concept Method
Sometimes you have to be willing to pay for the best
i've been to flight safety and simuflite many times. I have had some of the best instructors and the worst instructors at BOTH. It really is a crapshoot. Overall the best training is at flight safety ICT. I think this is because the facories are all right there. The best scenario possible is to have a test pilot on your airplane in school with you. These guys know the MOST out of anybody. I think this is why they seem to know more out there. I've never been to Simcom but have heard from people it is a notch below the other two. I'm sure they have some of the best instructors there also though. Find a program or guy you like and stick with it cost be damned. There really are some bad ones out there.

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