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Sim time as PIC time??

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I can't imagine mil SIMs are any different than civil level-D SIMS, for which the answer is no.

Its not even flight time, so how could it be PIC?
I though you could log level D as flight time.

On that note: If a 141 Instrument Syllabus has PCATD time required, should that be logged in the students PERSONAL log book?
It's your logbook, so you can write anything you want in it. No reason not to put sim rides in there, since they are good for a few things, like approach currency. I'll let the legal beagles speak to the legality of counting sim time on FAA applications (i.e. toward hours requirements for an ATP), but I strongly doubt that any airline cares one whit how much sim time you have. They want to know FLIGHT time, and they routinely specify different counting rules than the FAA does ("logged" as PIC vs "acting" as PIC, for instance).

So, go ahead & put the sim in your logbook. But I wouldn't recommend listing it as anything besides "simulator," since you'll probably need to back it out later anyway.
So if your logging landings for currency (most likley night currency) you log simulator and landings? But not in Total Time?
Log Simulator time, landings if sim landings count, approaches. Do not log Total time, Multi (or single) Engine, PIC or SIC, night, Cross country, etc.
paulsalem said:
I though you could log level D as flight time.
So far, I never heard of a sim that is an aircraft, "a device that is used or intended to be used for flight in the air."
Thanks for the info.

What about the 141 PCATD time? Does that need to be logged in the students personal log book? If so, do you log the approaches too?
I believe "approved" sim time may be logged...as sim time. Depending on the level of the sim, it may count towards: IFR currency, ie approaches and time, and if it is a level C or D sim (full motion and integrated visuals) it would count towards currency/re-currancy for landings as well. However, a sim is NOT an aircraft and there is no such thing as PIC sim time. And it does NOT count towards total time ever.

You may log the time if you want it to count for currency, or not as you wish. Just make sure it is approved for such logging of time.

I was a 141 Chief Instructor once upon a time and used a procedures trainer extensively for instrument students, its a valuable tool, but not an airplane. I was also once upon a time a 121 Check-airman using approved level C and D sims, again a very valuable tool, but not an airplane.

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